5 ways to raise your vibration and have more positive energy (part 1)

By Follow Your Own Rhythm

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A universal law of nature is the law of vibration.

The law of vibration states that “everything in the Universe moves, vibrates, and travels in circular patterns.  The same principles of vibration in the physical world apply to our thoughts, feelings, desires, and wills in the Etheric world.  Each sound, thing, and even thought has its own vibrational frequency, unique unto itself” from the book The Light Shall Set You Free.

Vibrational energy resonates with similar vibrational energy as in the saying “like attracts like.” 

In simple terms, as far as our thoughts, emotions, and actions are concerned, negativity has a low vibrational frequency, and positivity has a high vibrational frequency, and you attract what you give out.

Raising Your Vibes

The energy from which you approach life is what determines your vibrational frequency.  

Are you positive? Are you open? Are you adaptable? Are you forgiving? Are you loving? Are you accepting?  

These are all qualities that will help elevate your energy.  

It's also all about how you feel.  It's not enough to just think positive thoughts if you don't simultaneously FEEL good too.  Your thoughts and your feelings have to align.  You can't just put on a smile and repeat loving words if you don't also feel the love behind what you are saying.  

It’s all about energy.  And for anything to really take effect, you have to be consistent with it and do it on a regular basis.

Raising your vibes isn’t a one and done deal.

Raising your vibes is a choice you have to make in every moment.  Being “love vibrational” is choosing love over hatred, anger, and judgment as much as you can. 

But the more you make this choice, the higher your positive energy will be, which will make you overall more love vibrational. 

And know that it's okay to feel inner pain, anger, fear, worry, anxiety, loneliness, frustration, and unworthiness from time to time and the point isn’t to not feel these emotions, the point is to not let them overstay their welcome.

However, if you constantly focus on putting out high vibe energy, then you will experience negative emotions less and less. :)

So here are 5 things you can do on a consistent basis to elevate your energy!

5 Practices That Will Raise Your Vibration

1.     Put out high frequency energy

High frequency energies are ones that align with the higher truth which is based in love and connection. 

These high vibrational energies include:  gratitude, appreciation, love, openness, positivity, presence, acceptance, kindness, compassion, peace, trust, joy, forgiveness, connection, surrender, happiness, aliveness, encouragement, inspiration, creativity, contentment, harmony, balance and flow.

When you approach life from this positive energy, then you raise your overall frequency (because it is the frequency of the higher truth) and thus start to have more positive experiences.  You start to experience more miracles, shifts, epiphanies, synchronicities, and your life starts to connect and flow in the most beautiful ways.

Give love whenever you can.  See the good in situations.  See the good in others. Have compassion for people’s pain and anger. Trust yourself. Forgive others. Connect with nature. Stop controlling situations.  Let go and trust the process.  Find peace within.  Be open to new ideas and people.  Enjoy life. Encourage others.  Get inspired.  Create something beautiful.  Follow your passion.  Align with your rhythm.  Laugh at things that are funny.  Appreciate life’s ordinary moments. Try to find beauty in everything. Respect life, and love yourself! 

2.     Engage with life in a childlike way!

Embrace your childlike nature!  Don't let social norms hold you back! Be curious! Be adventurous! Be open! Be imaginative! Get creative! And don't be afraid to get your hands dirty!

Instead of staying indoors and watching TV, go play! :) 

Have a picnic, climb a tree, smell the flowers, swim in a lake, build something, create something, paint a picture, write a story, try something new, go on a spontaneous adventure, explore the world, be curious about different cultures, and try to learn something from EVERYTHING you come into contact with! Stay OPEN to life!  

Engaging with life in a curious, creative and adventurous manner keeps your frequency high because you are living in the moment, enjoying life, and experiencing everything to its fullest potential.  

3.     Give to another without expecting anything in return

Give to others simply for the sake of giving.

When we give to others selflessly or when we do something kind for others, by the beautiful design of nature, WE feel good too.  We really are beautifully created.

Do nice things for people just because. You can show kindness in the smallest, most subtle, and easiest ways.  Just smile at others.  Say hi to strangers.  Listen to what people have to say.  Respond with love.  Be friendly. Hold the door open for people, compliment others, be thoughtful, tell your family and friends you love them, send people random heartfelt messages, and make people feel good. 

This doesn’t mean draining your own energy or sacrificing and compromising your own health and well being to make others happy.  Do not give to others out of guilt or pressure.  That would be a low vibrational act.  Never give to others because you feel that you HAVE to, only give because you want to and because it comes from a place of LOVE.

4.     Practice present moment awareness

This means not letting your thoughts run the show, but rather being conscious of what you do, say and think.  We all have tendencies that get the best of us when we are not paying attention to them.  They sort of just kick in and take over. 

For example, if you have a tendency to be angry, and if you don’t become conscious of when you are angry, then you will just naturally react to things with anger.  But if you become aware of your anger, you can shift your response to something more effective and positive.  

You can do this by reframing your mindset and focusing on praising instead of criticizing, appreciating instead of complaining, forgiving instead of blaming, accepting instead of resenting, and enjoying instead of wishing for more. 

Present moment awareness is key.  This doesn’t just mean paying attention to yourself, but paying attention to your environment.  Being alert and focused and responding to what happens around you from a conscious, rather than unconscious and conditioned place.  Do things with intention and choice, instead of blindly on autopilot.  


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5.     Change your language

Pay attention to the words and phrases that you use.  Is the nature of your language beautiful? If you were to hear yourself during a normal conversation, would it sound positive?  Is your language empowering?  How is your tone of voice?  How is your body language? How do you express yourself and is it the truest reflection of what you mean, how you want it to sound, and who you are?

Again, we have certain tendencies that sort of just happen without us even realizing it.   And the way we speak and express ourselves is one of them.  And it’s a big one.

Just go ahead and record yourself one day having a conversation with a friend.  Try not to pay attention to the camera and try not to be perfect.  Just be normal and then watch the recording and observe yourself.  Don’t judge or criticize yourself, just witness the nature of your language.  Words you use, tone of voice, body language, facial expressions, etc.  You can also do this in your regular environment through constant awareness and observation of yourself (like in #4), or have a friend pay attention to you and point out your tendencies. 

Do you tend to overreact? Do you respond with anger and frustration? Do you make eye contact? Is your body language closed or open? Do you look/feel/sound tense or calm? Are you aggressive and pushy, or friendly and supportive? Do you tend to complain a lot? Do you curse often? Do you tend to talk about what you DON’T want or like rather than what you DO want or like? Do you sound confident when you talk? Or do you sound doubtful? 

Take note of your language as a whole and try to change it little by little to language that is empowering, positive, and clean.


I recommend implementing these practices into your life as often as you can because consistency and focus will create the high vibes you're looking for.

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