One Small Change You Can Make for a More Positive Life

By Follow Your Own Rhythm


This might sound so simple that you’d think it’s not that important, but let me tell ya, IT IS.  Sometimes the smallest, most subtle shifts that we make can have the biggest, most transformative impact on our lives.

So what is this one small thing you can do to create a more positive life?

It lies in the power of your smile. :) 

A simple tool you always have in your toolbox and can use anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.  

Do you know how many times I’ve had people come up to me and tell me to “smile?”  And it’s not because I don’t smile enough, it’s because when I do, as opposed to when I don’t, it completely changes my face, my energy, and my approachability.

And people are attracted to the energy that smiling brings with it which is a sense of openness, positivity, warmth, and friendliness. 

So if you want to send out positive vibes to the world and uplift yourself and your environment, then all you gotta do is SMILE! It’s that simple.

Let’s do an exercise. Look at the picture below.

How do these people make you feel? What sort of thoughts, feelings and emotions do they trigger within you? 


Is it one of positivity, goodness, and joy?  Does it make you feel good?  Do you feel a genuine quality in these people? THAT is the power of a smile. 

And yes, looks can be deceiving so this doesn’t mean that a smile fixes everything, especially when you are truly hurt inside.  I am not suggesting that you mask your true feelings with a smile, I am simply suggesting that you pay attention to the infinite power that lies within your smile…which means smiling more often and noticing the effects. 

Smiling is a form of expression.  When you smile, you are communicating to the world a certain message, just as you do when you’re frowning. 

When you smile, you are saying: “I am happy, I am open, I am positive, I am accepting, I am thankful, and I bring forth no harm, just love.” 

You also give feedback to people through your smile, telling them a similar message which is that they are great, they are worthy, they are beautiful, they are loved.

Scientifically, smiling has benefits as well…smiling releases neurotransmitters called endorphins which is the “feel good” chemical in the brain. So the more you smile, the more you will physically feel good.  Consequently, other people pick up on this energy as well which makes them smile and feel good too.  It’s a win-win for everyone.

Side note: When we are talking about smiling, we are not talking about a fake, forced or masked smile as you would when posing for a camera or pretending like you’re happy.  We are talking about a real, genuine smile that you feel with your heart.  Big difference. 

What Can You Smile About and When? Anything and always. :) 

But here are some specific ideas and suggestions:

1. WHENEVER YOU PASS BY A STRANGER, instead of looking the other way, looking at your phone, or looking so busy with your thoughts, make eye contact and smile at them! I do this all of the time on the street and it is well received.  People often smile back and it really does create a warm feeling inside of me. A simple acknowledgment of another person through a smile reminds them that they are worth smiling at, and that life is worth smiling about.  Especially if they are having a bad day, there is nothing like a smile from a total stranger to uplift them just a little.

2. SMILE AT PEOPLE YOU KNOW! When you’re at work and you see your co-workers, smile at them.  When you wake up in the morning and you see your partner’s or child’s face, smile at them.  And not just when you first see them but throughout the day; be warm and give them the gift of your smile.

3.  WHEN YOU MAKE A MISTAKE, smile about it instead of getting angry at yourself.  Sort of just laugh it off.  For one, this insinuates that you forgive yourself for being human who makes mistakes, and through smiling you remind yourself of the big picture which is this: 

Photo by Mark Davis.

Photo by Mark Davis.

Problems are never as big as we make them seem.  Take your mistakes seriously enough to be humbled by them and so you can learn from them, but not so seriously that you let them hold you back.  

4. WHEN SOMEONE ELSE MESSES UP, smile at them.  It’s OKAY to make mistakes.  We grow up in a culture that says that we are inadequate if we make mistakes and therefore, we become so hard on ourselves and others.  IT’S OKAY.  If it weren’t for mistakes, we would never learn and get better!  So when someone around you makes a mistake, even if it’s at your expense, give them a gentle smile to remind them (and yourself) that everything is gonna be okay. :)

5.  SMILE AT RANDOM, UNEXPECTED, AND UNUSUAL THINGS AND MOMENTS.  Get creative, open your eyes, think outside of the box, and bring light to the mundane and ordinary moments of life through your smile.

6.  Find something to smile about WHEN YOU DON'T FEEL SO WELL. Look around you.  Pick something.  Anything.  The sun shining, the warm car you’re sitting in, the family that you have, there is always something to smile about. It will change your mood and make you feel a lot better.

7. This last one’s simple and easy.  SMILE FOR NO REASON! You don’t have to have a stimulus to make you smile.  You can smile just because.  You can smile simply because you're alive.  Or because you feel good.  Or because you have an overall appreciation for life. 

For me personally, I definitely notice a difference in my life when I approach it with a smile versus a serious or dull face.  When I smile, I am like a magnet for good energy, and when I frown, life doesn’t flow as smoothly. 

But don’t take my word for it, go out there and try it for yourself! Give your genuine smile to the world and see how the world reciprocates in goodness! 

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