7 mindset shifts for an "abundance mindset"

By Follow Your Own Rhythm

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Having or not having enough is not a matter of how much you actually have.  It is a matter of perspective.  It is a mindset.  There are plenty of people in the world who have all of the luxuries possible, yet they can’t stop buying and possessing more.  It’s as if nothing is ever enough.  There seems to be a desire that is impossible to fulfill.   

That is, because the mindset is all wrong. 

As Oprah said, “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more.  If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” 


If you operate out of a mindset that you never have enough and always need more to fulfill you, then any time you gain anything in life, it will always leave you feeling empty.  And it will always leave you wanting more.  On the contrary, if you operate out of a mindset that what you have is already enough, then anything you gain in life will always be valued and appreciated, which in turn leaves you feeling whole.

So how do you view what you have in life? Is it ever enough? Do you always need more, need to do more, buy more, and accomplish more? And what happens when you do? How do you feel? Does it leave you feeling satisfied and at peace? Or is it a short lived sense of contentment?

A good example of this is how we view money.  There is always a lack of money; we never have enough.  When something in our lives is not good enough, we don’t accept it for what it is.  We judge it, label it, and discredit it. And we certainly do not appreciate it.  When you have this negative relationship to money for example, then any time you do have “enough” money to let’s say pay your monthly bills, you will still deem it unworthy because it is not as much as you would like.  This hateful rather than appreciative relationship with your money then creates discord in the “partnership” and cuts off the natural flow of energy which in this case comes in the form of money, therefore ensuring that you won’t have enough.  You literally manifest the “lack of money” in your life by focusing on and believing in not having enough.

This is the result of an uncontrollable mind; a mind unchecked.   If you let your mind call the shots, it will, and it will be based in lack, insufficiency, and scarcity.  Nothing will ever be (blank) enough. 

However, when you regain control over your mind and your thoughts, a beautiful thing happens…you start to detach yourself from your mind and rather get in touch with who you are BEYOND your mindset.  And beyond this mindset exists a being that is truly calling the shots and has the capability to think what it wants to think. This being that exists behind your thoughts and mindset is who you are at your core.  This being, your true self, is already enough, whole and abundant.  When you tap into this deeper part of yourself, you start to recognize how little need you actually have for external attainments and thus you start aligning your thinking with how abundant you already feel inside, because at your essence, you are enough.  At your essence, you are perfect.

We grow up thinking and believing that we have no choice in life and that our destiny is laid out for us.  So we settle with our problems, our stress, and our busy life because we believe we have no choice in the matter.  And then we wonder why we are so unhappy. 

This outdated way of thinking is really just a conditioned mindset that we have adopted throughout our lives, and it can be changed.

Everything we experience in life is experienced from our current state of mind. 

So if we want to feel more happy, abundant, and peaceful, we have to shift our mindset, our whole inner blueprint, the mental rules by which we live from a lack-based “nothing is ever enough” perspective to an abundance-based “I have enough, I am enough” perspective. 

Below, I outlined 7 ways of making this shift happen…but remember, as with everything in life, practice makes perfect and consistency is the key to building new habits and new mindsets.  So try to apply these new ways of thinking and being to all aspects of your life, and as frequently as possible.  

7 WAYS TO SHIFT from a "lack-based" mindset to an "abundance-based" mindset





1.           Accept that deeply, inherently, and essentially, you are a whole, abundant being with a spirit that is already at its most perfect, full, complete and satisfied state

This inner being needs nothing more than what it already has within.  Accept this.  From this acceptance, say to yourself “I am not my mind.  My mind is a beautiful tool that I use to live an authentic life, but it is not who I inherently am.  Therefore, I detach myself from my mind and my thinking.  With this detachment, I realize my true potential.  I realize that I have the free will to decide what kind of mindset and thoughts I want to have, and that my true self, my inner state of awareness, I, am in control of this tool.  So with this newfound freedom, I choose abundance.  I choose to align my thinking with my inner knowing which is abundance.  Therefore, I am enough.  I have enough. I don’t need anything else to fulfill me.  I don’t need another person to tell me I am good enough for me to know that I am good enough.  I do not depend on the world to define who I am.  I hold within me enough joy, love, peace, truth, wisdom, that I don’t depend on someone or something else to give it to me.  I am simply enough the way I am.”

Repeat this to yourself again and again until you truly believe it, because it’s true.  YOU ARE ENOUGH.  Let your outer life reflect this inner truth. 

2.           Focus on the good rather than on the bad

I personally, always try to put a positive spin on things.  Whenever something bad happens to me, it’s only a short matter of time before I see the positive aspect of it.  Here is an example.  Just recently, I was taking a left hand turn out of a strip mall onto a busy street during rush hour and almost got “t-boned” by a raging car driving 50 miles per hour who was driving in the oncoming-traffic lane.  He obviously didn’t see me coming.  I immediately stepped on my breaks and thankfully avoided an accident that could have been really bad.  My immediate reaction was of course shock, and then wonder at why he would be driving so fast in a lane where no one was expecting him, especially during traffic.  But it took me just a few seconds to say “hey, at least my breaks work really well.”  Still in shock on my way home, all I kept thinking about is how happy I am that I didn’t get hit and that I am okay.  I could have spent my energy dwelling on how crazy that driver was and how horrible his actions were, but that wouldn’t have changed what happened.  So instead, I choose to focus on the good and how happy I am to be alive.

The point is, it’s not about what happens to you, it’s about how willing you are to see the positive side of ANY situation.  When you focus on the good, you create space for more good in your life.  When you spend your mental energy on the “bad,” you become angry, disappointed, dissatisfied, and bring yourself and everybody else around you down, even more. 

Just remember, a situation in itself is never good or bad.  The situation is always neutral.  It is our INTERPRETATION of the situation and how we allow it to affect us that makes it either “good” or “bad.”   So the choice is yours.  Do you want to interpret what happens around you as good, or as bad? This is your free will.  You get to decide.  And your decision will directly impact the quality of your life, so choose wisely. 

3.           Start appreciating what you already have

If you want to feel abundant, you have to feel as if everything in your life is a plus, a bonus, a beautiful gift worth embracing, even if it comes in small, subtle or disguised packages. 

Look around you.  Look at how much you actually have.  Are your basic survival needs met? Do you have water, food, warm clothes and a safe place to sleep? Do you have air to breathe? Do you have a functioning body? Appreciate that, and recognize that anything more than your basic survival needs is a plus that you are fortunate to have.  Can you now see the abundance all around you?  Everything is a bonus, a gift. 

For whatever you think you don’t have enough of in your life, instead of focusing on how much more of it you need, shift your focus to appreciating the little bit of it that you DO have, for if you didn’t have even that small amount, you’d wish you did.  Honor and respect everything in your life as a gift, and give it your love, attention, and appreciation.  This mindset alone will cause a shift in your life to making you feel more abundant, and thus start having more abundance.

My basic rule of thumb is this:  For anything that you would “miss” if it wasn’t in your life, appreciate because it is worth having.  For anything that you could do without, let it go.


4.           Buy, attain, and accomplish with intention

Be honest with yourself about why you are wanting to buy, attain, or accomplish a certain something.  If it is about the false assumption that you will be more “worthy” ONCE you have these things, then you are doing it for the wrong reasons.   

Don’t buy trying to fill your state of lack.  When you are in the mindset of “not enough,” you will try to find things outside of yourself to fulfill you and bring your happiness.  While temporarily you might feel better when you attain something new, in the long run it is not nourishing and can actually become addicting.  So, before you buy, attain or accomplish something, ask yourself “Why am I doing this? Is what I am buying, attaining, or accomplishing authentic to me? Do I really appreciate what I am getting?  Is it of value to me?  Am I doing it because this (new shirt, purse, car, house, job, degree) will make me seem more worthy in the eyes of others or am I doing it for the true enjoyment of doing it? Can I still feel worthy without these items and accomplishments?”

My answer is, yes you can.  Because beneath this psychology of “needing for more,” lies a being that is already full of everything required to feel “enough.”

5.           Give more of what you want  

You attract what you give out.  If you want love in your life, give more love to yourself and others.  If you want to be surrounded by kindness, be more kind.  If you want to be more happy, think happier thoughts.  Your state of mind creates your reality.  So if you are in a higher, happier state of mind, your reality will reflect that.  


6.          Enjoy whatever you’re doing for the true purpose of enjoyment

When we depend on our outside world (such as other people and things) to fulfill us and make us feel a certain way, good or bad, we become very attached to how this outside world “behaves.”  We become attached to how people act toward us, and we become very attached to the things that we buy because subconsciously, we look for these things to make us happy.  When we cling to something so much, we loose the ability to ENJOY it.  We get overtaken by expectations of how something needs to be in order for us to be happy.  So even an enjoyable act as, let’s say, picking out a wedding dress can become burdensome if you expect this dress to enhance your state of joy, satisfaction, and sense of self worth. 

Can you see how this dependency makes it difficult to enjoy the day to day processes of your life?   

Always ask yourself and check yourself: AM I DOING THIS FOR THE PURE PURPOSE OF ENJOYMENT? Or am I doing this because I want this product, activity, or accomplishment to make me feel and seem “better and more” than I am?

7.          Drop your expectations and see things as they are, for what they are 

Another tendency of a lack-based mindset is to set expectations for everything around us.  We create a story in our heads of how things should be, and miss out on opportunities to get to know things as they actually are, be it people, situations, or life itself.  Things aren’t good enough the way they are, so we demand them to be different through our mind-made expectations.  We want everything and everyone around us, including ourselves to be perfect at all times, and we allow no room for failures and mistakes.  And how disappointed do we become when life doesn’t live up to our expectations?

Truth is, things are always going to be the way that they are, no matter what you and I think.  What gets in the way of seeing this natural state of things is our mindset based in the idea that things aren’t good enough the way they are, so we must set expectations of how we would prefer them to be.  Instead, drop this illusory way of thinking, let go of the story you create in your head of how life should be, and start seeing each moment for what it is.  You will notice that it’s not so bad after all. 

I truly hope that these new ways of thinking will aid you in creating more abundance in your life and help you realize your true potential and your amazing inner power. 

Just to recap the 7 ways to shift your mindset to feeling like you have enough: 

1.           Accept that deeply, inherently, and essentially, you are a whole, abundant being with a spirit that is already at its most perfect, full, complete and satisfied state. 

2.           Focus on the good rather than on the bad.

3.           Start being thankful for and appreciating what you already have.

4.           Buy, attain, and accomplish with intention.

5.           Give more of what you want.

6.           Enjoy whatever you’re doing for the true purpose of enjoyment.  

7.           Drop your expectations, and see things as they are, for what they are.

Good luck on your journey!