10 Toxic Habits that are Lowering Your Vibration (part 2)

By Follow Your Own Rhythm

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If you haven't yet read part 1 of this blog "5 Ways to Raise Your Vibration and Have More Positive Energy," do it now!  It goes along with this blog and talks about what raising your vibration means and how to be more “love vibrational.”

I believe that being positive is essential to living a happy and fulfilling life. However, sometimes we do things, without realizing that we do them, that actually lowers our vibration and drains our energy.

We have adopted habits throughout our lives based on how we have been conditioned and unfortunately a lot of that conditioning isn’t a true reflection of who we are so they are toxic to our nature.  

So unless we become aware of these bad and unhealthy habits, they will continue to add toxicity to our lives and drain our positive energy.  

Here are 10 things that you might be doing that are toxic and lowering your vibes. 

10 Toxic Habits that are Lowering Your Vibrational Frequency

1.     Making decisions or doing things out of fear (rather than trust and love)

The following are all expressions of fear: hatred, anger, control, competition, aggression, worry, anxiety, distrust, disconnection, judgment, rigidity, separation, envy, jealousy, greed, comparison, resentment, dissatisfaction.

For example, comparing yourself to others and what they have and how great they are, complaining or engaging in gossip and drama, judging other people or yourself, worrying about the future, choosing a career based on a fear, avoiding life experiences because of a fear, altering your life due to a fear, having hidden motives and agendas, taking advantage of other people to get ahead, and wanting to be the best and the first are all forms of fear and will lower your vibrational frequency dramatically.

Instead of fear motivating you and altering your decisions, let love guide you and trust that when you are motivated by love, everything will fall into place.

2. Negativity

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of negativity.  It can be so subtle, just lingering underneath the surface of your conversations, behaviors, and interactions without you even realizing it.  This can come from you or another person or environment.  You have to really become aware of yourself and the people around you to recognize the level of toxicity surrounding you.  

Negativity includes having a bad attitude, a demeaning tone, looking at the worst case scenario all of the time, assuming the worst about people, thinking negative thoughts, being closed-minded, having negative beliefs, and dealing with other people's toxic energy or being in toxic environments.  All in all, a negative perspective causes negative behavior patterns, so you have to pay attention to how you interact with the world in order to be able to let it all go and build better, more positive patterns. 

3.     Using bad language

When we use bad language like cursing and expressing ourselves aggressively, we are emitting negative energy.  Just listen to someone when they are swearing or pay attention to yourself and notice how it sounds.  Kind of ugly and negative.  Just the other day I caught myself saying the "f word" as I tried to express myself, and it just felt so ugly.  Swearing is not necessary to get a point across, and it is often used as a reaction to a negative emotion such as anger and disappointment.  So if you tend to swear a lot, try to omit swear words from your conversations and see how effective you still are, and how much more respectable you sound. Here is a great article on the spiritual effects of swearing from spriritualresearchfoundation.org.  

4.     Doing things that go against your values

When we do things that go against our values, we are going against our truth.  We are being inauthentic. In other words, we are being fake.  We are not being true to ourselves.  And when we aren’t being true to ourselves, we aren’t aligned with the higher good either, which totally lowers your vibration.

Pay attention to your behaviors and habits and see if it aligns with your true beliefs.  If you need help aligning your actions with your values, check out this article: How to Align Your Truth With Your Actions

5.     Watching TV, especially of a violent nature

Ultimately, TV is mind control and is a form of conditioning.  There are lots of subliminal messages on TV that program us to believe certain things about ourselves and life as a whole that are far from the truth.  Even if you think you are watching an innocent film, a romantic comedy, or a lighthearted TV show, the messages you pick up from them still influence your world view at an unconscious level. 

You should especially stay away from violent TV programs as it activates and reinforces fear within you which conditions you to be more fearful, which obviously lowers your vibrational frequency.

6.     Mistreating yourself, other people, animals, or the planet

Any sort of hurtful, selfish and unconscious behavior is low vibe. When you understand that life is interconnected and that one thing affects another (the law of cause and effect), then you really don’t treat your environment, other people or yourself badly because you get that everything you do affects the big picture.

7.     Mindless activities

Mindless activities such as browsing social media or the internet for no real purpose, doing things that don’t make you feel happy and alive, watching commercials, reality TV shows, and other mindless programs, working a job that you hate, playing violent video games, watching YouTube videos just to kill time, reading gossip magazines, engaging in drama at work, complaining about something that you can't change, and any other activities that evoke a fear based emotion and aren’t stimulating actually drain your energy, make you feel worse about yourself, and lower your vibrational frequency.

8.     Drinking alcohol

Although alcohol might give the illusion that you feel good, it is just that, an illusion.  Alcohol alters your mind and gives you an initial buzz that makes you feel great temporarily, but when it wears off, it leaves you feeling low on energy, unmotivated, irritable, and feeling like you need more of it to make you happy.  It's a downward spiral into addiction.

When we are buzzed, we "feel happy," but don't let that feeling trick you into believing that that is true happiness.  Ultimately, alcohol is a way to escape from the realities of your life and/or to enhance your life in some way.  Both; however, are based on the feeling that the way you and your life are is not good enough and you need a lil' somethin' extra to spice things up.  Instead of looking to alcohol to make you feel better, why not focus on finding true happiness within, without the help of a substance or chemical.

9.     Addictive behaviors

This can come in all forms and they're sometimes disguised and dressed as “bad habits.”  Addictions are basically an attachment to some outside source or activity to fill some inner void or emptiness.  Some of these addictions are so subtle though that you probably don’t even realize how active they are in your life, and you certainly aren’t aware of the fact that you rely on them for some sort of fulfillment.  This is why it is so important to a) start paying attention to your habits and b) start being super honest with yourself about how they make you feel and why you do them.

Some obvious addictions are drinking, smoking, sex, drugs, gambling, and overeating, while some more subtle ones are watching TV, shopping, working, browsing social media, gossiping, complaining, checking your phone constantly, or any other form of distraction from reality that you do on a regular basis.

10.     Eating bad, chemically enhanced, genetically modified, and highly processed foods and animal products

The food that we have available to us today, especially in the United States, is questionable at best.   You can hardly get away from the altered, processed, enhanced, and modified foods.  Grocery stores and gas stations are full of toxic, processed foods, and mostly all restaurants, especially fast food and big chains, are full of low quality ingredients, chemically enhanced, genetically modified, and highly toxic foods EVEN if they claim to be "healthy" or "natural" or "sugar free" or "fat free" or "antibiotic free."

Eating animals and animal products is also not only contributing to the animal cruelty taking place in slaughterhouses, torturing and murdering these innocent animals, but is horrible for your health. 

When you consume all of these toxic foods, what do you think happens to your body? Everything has to work over time to get rid of the poison. And eventually, your body get diseased in the form of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and so on because it can't handle what you are putting in it.  Plus, eating meat is just bad karma, and very low vibe.  Watch how we treat animals in today's world and maybe you'll change your mind. 

And needless to say, toxic food has very little or no nutritional value and your poor body has to figure our how to process it.  This is why you feel so lethargic and your stomach hurts after you eat McDonald's or eat some fried chicken. Because it's not good for you.  Your body is saying "NOOOO!"

We have to be conscious of what we eat, what we buy, and WHERE we buy. We can't believe and trust the pretty pictures and slogans that advertisers strategically use to market their products, we have to find the truth for ourselves.  

Eat organic, limit the amount of times you eat out, stop consuming animal products, avoid processed foods, read labels and ingredients not just the ads on the front, buy local, avoid added hormones and additives, the less ingredients the better, the more it looks like it came from a tree or a plant the better, and start learning more about what's in our food!  Basically, start eating a whole foods, plant-based diet.


The above list of 10 toxic habits to avoid are so interrelated that if you change one thing in your life, it will most likely shift other areas of your life as well because you are living your life with more intention and awareness.

Just remember that anything that is not aligned with truth, love, connection, and compassion is going to lower your vibration.  Try to stay away from the above activities and habits and move into higher vibrational practices so that you can feel more joy, peace, and freedom in your life. 

Do you have a big dream or want to make some life changes but something is holding you back from moving forward?

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What is the most toxic thing YOU have to let go of in your life? Share it in the comments below!

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