If you are a strong-hearted truth-seeker and are ready to change things up in your life because your current way of thinking, living and being isn't working or if you just LOVE personal growth, then this website is definitely for YOU!

Follow Your Own Rhythm is all about learning how to be more free, happy and fulfilled in a world that feeds on fear, and expects you to be a certain way and live by its specific terms. It is about finding yourself underneath all of your conditionings, anger, frustrations, confusion, and insecurities so you can live your truth, and learn to have a stronger, more positive and harmonious relationship with yourself and with life as a whole. 

Here's how I can help...

My blogs are packed with tips, insights and guidance on finding your authentic self, living your truth, moving beyond your limitations and conditioned mindsets, and learning how to find true peace, freedom, and happiness.

My free resources include worksheets, guides, and quizzes all geared towards self-discovery, self-reflection, personal growth, and finding your path. And it's all yours FREE! You can access them in my free resource library!

"Step Into Your Truth" is a 7-step program that takes you through the step-by-step process of discovering your authentic self, and guides you to embody your who you truly are so that you can live in freedom and happiness. 

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Hi, I'm Barbara!

My aim is to guide you to a more limitless and authentic way of thinking, living, and being. I believe there is more to life than just doing what is expected of you, following the crowd, and letting your self-destructive thinking control your decisions.  I believe, no actually, I KNOW, that you are capable and worthy and that anything is possible for you if you first realize that YOU are in charge of how you feel, how you think, and how you live your life.  It all starts with YOU.  So I want to welcome you to this special space where I share my heart, and offer insights, guidance, and new perspectives to help you find truth, peace, happiness, and fulfillment. You can start with my free guide: 7 Secrets to Living More Freely!


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