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My Sacred Space for Self-Discovery is a comprehensive guide to personal growth and self-discovery.  With 100 insightful, thought-provoking, and self-reflective questions you will not only learn more about yourself, but find yourself along the way.  The journal has guidance in between to provide you with clarity and direction, and is designed to make you think about yourself, your life, and everything in between in order to find your truth and live an authentic life.  It is 22 pages long and a PDF downloadable and printable document.

Here's a sneak peek:

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Some questions you will ask yourself:

"Who has changed your life dramatically for the better? How?"
"What can you do to be healthier mentally, physically, and spiritually?"
"Describe your dream job. What would it be-how would it look like-what would your responsibilities be-how would it make you feel?"
"How would your best friend or someone really close to you describe you?"
"When I sit in silence for a long time I feel…"
"How do you react when inconvenient things happen to you?"
"What do you believe is the meaning of life?"
"Would you rather live a comfortable lie or an uncomfortable truth? Why?"

These questions are designed to get to know yourself at a deeper level. You will have to get real with what you believe, what you fear, why you do what you do, and who you are at your core. But the journey is a beautiful one because at the end, you will have found yourself. 



When you purchase this journal during the month of October, you will receive 1 FREE email coaching session with me!

Upon purchase, you will receive an email from "Follow Your Own Rhythm" with further instructions about the free session. You can check out details of how my email coaching service works here.


It is always nice to have support and guidance when doing inner work. Let my Email Coaching Sessions provide you with just that! They are an opportunity to guide those who feel stuck or want to accomplish something but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars for life coaching. It is very simple and here's how it works...

How it works:

You will email me your question, problem or something you want to work or gain clarity on to, and I will email you my thorough response and suggested plan of action. More specifically...

What the Email Coaching Session includes:

+1 email session (or a package of 3 or 5 sessions at a discounted rate)

+Clarity, guidance, support and a sense of direction

+My complete attention to your story, question, block, obstacle, goal

+Answer to your problem, goal, question, or anything you need clarity and guidance on

+A suggested plan of action

+Thorough response within 1-5 days (either via writing or audio recording)

+Recommended and helpful resources (if necessary)

*Questions can be related to health, personal growth, spiritual growth, life, and everything in between. 


PRICE PER SINGLE EMAIL SESSION: $30 (free with purchase of journal during the month of October)

Upon checkout, you will receive a downloadable form with details about what you should include in your email, how to get the most out of our session, and how to move forward with the process. 

3 EMAIL SESSIONS: $80 (save $10)

5 EMAIL SESSIONS: $120 (save $30)

Or you can access the forms below:

FORM for 1 e-session: download here

FORM for 3 or 5 e-sessions: download here

Disclaimer: The information I provide as your coach, Barbara Prasilik, is meant to help you on your personal growth journey, but is not to be used as medical advice. Coaching is not professional mental health or medical care. If you have a serious mental health problem that is causing severe interference in your life, please seek help from a professional counselor or therapist.  The information received through my coaching service is for informational purposes only.  The guidance in my coaching service is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge, however, I cannot guarantee that it is 100% accurate and reliable.  You should not substitute the information I provide via coaching for medical or professional help. I provide truthful and straightforward advice, and my ultimate purpose is to help you find your truth.  You may not like all of what I have to say, but it is always aimed at helping you break through conditioned patterns and bring your highest self to life.  It is up to you to follow through as I am only your guide, and therefore I cannot guarantee results. Because of this, there are no refunds on the email sessions and you have within 6 months of purchase to use it. Your privacy is very important to me and your personal information will never be shared.  By purchasing my coaching services, you confirm that you have read and agree with the above statements as well as my terms of service and privacy policy.

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This is a PDF downloadable digital journal, not a physical journal, although you will be printing a physical copy of it.  This journal is for personal use only, and may not be sold, copied or distributed in any way.  It is not meant to be taken as professional advice, and is for informational purposes only.


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