3 Practical Ways to Reset After Being Drained by Negativity

By Follow Your Own Rhythm


Sometimes, we wake up feeling good.  We feel positive and have high energy. 

And then, all of a sudden, all of that positive energy gets sucked right out of us because we get exposed to some form of negativity in our environment.

This could be a negative coworker, an angry cashier, a grumpy person, seeing something horrible on the news, witnessing something negative in your environment, and so on.

In either case, when your positive energy has been sucked right out of you, you start to feel drained, irritable, and intolerant.  

But you don't want to feel this way.  

You want your positive energy back. 

So what do you do?

This week I made a video for you in a slideshow format just to switch things up.  In this video, learn 3 practical ways to reset after being drained by negativity.  

I hope you enjoy! 

 If you'd prefer to read the article instead, you can do so below:

3 Practical Ways to Reset After Being Drained by Negativity

First and foremost, you have to reconnect with yourself, refocus your energy, reset, and get in touch with your true nature which is based in joy.  

It all starts with separating yourself from the source of negativity. 

Turn off the news, get away from that grumpy person, and leave the toxic environment. 

And then, here are 3 things you can do:


1. Take a break and go for a walk in NATURE

Surround yourself with calm and peaceful energy, something natural and beautiful.  Nature heals. Get in touch with your surroundings and observe the flow. 

Watch the birds, feel the breeze, admire the beauty. 

Get into a place of gratitude and love for nature. 

Feel the connection, feel the peace, feel the love. 

Feel that it is YOU.  You ARE nature.  Not separate from it, but one in the same. You ARE life.  And when you're in nature, you are HOME.

Let nature rejuvenate, reenergize, and refocus you so you can have a protective shield of positive energy around you for the rest of the day!



Read something inspiring and motivating or watch an empowering video to remind yourself that things are gooood.  Something that is uplifting and makes you feel alive!

Here's an uplifting message you can use that will always remind you of your true nature: 



3. Make a choice to shift your energy.

Become aware of how you feel. 

Recognize that you’re irritable, annoyed, frustrated, and drained.

And then, CHOOSE to stop feeding the negative energy with your negative attitude. 


  Name 3 things you are grateful for

  Name 3 positive things in your environment

  Have compassion for whoever and   whatever made you feel negative

  Do something nice for someone

This will shift your energy right away!

And then, focus on how good these things make you feel and concentrate on them until you are rejuvenated!


Hope you enjoyed these tips and that they will get you out of your negativity bubble next time you're hit with the negativity bomb!

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