How to Have a More Positive Relationship with Life (5 new perspectives)

By Barbara @ Follow Your Own Rhythm

positive relationship with life

Often times when we face challenges in our life or life becomes stressful, we start interpreting life as bad and hard

We say things like “my life sucks, why is this happening to me, what did I do to deserve this, these types of things always happen to me, I hate my life.”  

With this negative interpretation comes a negative attitude, and with a negative attitude comes even more unpleasant experiences.   
The truth is, life is never bad no matter how bad it might seem, it’s just slightly inconvenient at times, and it’s only inconvenient because we have expectations and agendas that aren’t being met.  

Otherwise, life and the things that happen to us are just neutral.  They are the way they are just the way they are.  They become bad when we put a label on it.  They become bad when we interpret them as bad.
I want you to take a second and reflect on this.  Reflect on how you interpret life when things aren’t going your way. 
You lose your job.  You get a pay cut.  Your partner breaks up with you.  You get pulled over by the cops. You get sick. You lose your wallet. You miss your flight. You get into a fight with your sister. 
What is it that you do in these situations?
How do you respond? How do you interpret what happens to you?
The reality is that the way you interpret and respond to these situations is going to determine how you feel, and that is going to determine the quality of your life.
It’s never the situation or person that makes life bad, it’s always how you INTERPRET the situation.  It’s all about how you make sense of it in your mind.  It’s all about your perspective.  And it’s all about ACTING on your perspective and responding more consciously.
So what can you do to feel better about life even when things seem to be falling apart? 
One of the most empowering things you can do is to CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE.  

Check out my 5 tips below.

5 New Perspectives to Adopt to Have a More Positive Relationship with Life

1.. Things don’t happen AGAINST you, but FOR you. 

Life, God, the Universe does not have an intention of harming or punishing you.  Life is not your enemy.  Life is not conspiring against you even when there seems to be a series of roadblocks and inconveniences in your life.

For one, you simply attract energies and experiences that match your current vibrational frequency.  If you’re constantly negative, complaining, and engaging in mind numbing and soul sucking activities, you are going to attract experiences that have a similar low vibration. 

Two, EVERYTHING that happens to you is here to WAKE YOU UP.  Everything is a wake up call.  Everything is a lesson.  Everything is a growth opportunity.  Everything is guiding you back to your truth. Once you start looking at life from this perspective, challenges will turn into opportunities, and your life will open up to a magical reality. 

2. You are not cursed or unlucky. 

You weren’t born with a flaw, curse or inability to live a good life or become a confident, successful, and happy person.  You are simply programmed to have negative beliefs about yourself and life, and it is these programmed beliefs that are causing you to feel flawed and incompetent.  The truth is, you are born whole, perfect, and complete.  You are capable of becoming whoever you want to be. You are capable of living an enjoyable life with positive experiences. You are neither lucky or unlucky, because you create your own reality. 

3.  You are not a victim. 

As mentioned earlier, things don’t happen AGAINST you, they simply just happen.  Sure people might have bad intentions and want to take advantage of you, but you are only a victim as long as you allow them to take advantage of you.  You are not a helpless and powerless little person who has to wait for the outside world to change in order to be happy and free.  You need to take responsibility for yourself.  You are responsible for how you feel, think, and interact with life.  You are responsible for your perspective, your mindset, your attitude, your beliefs, and your behaviors. Own your power to choose thoughts, feelings and behaviors that align with how you want to live your life.  

4. There is a lesson in everything.  

Every single thing you experience, person you come in contact with, encounter you have, mistake you make, thing you see, circumstance you go through HAS SOMETHING TO TEACH YOU.  There is wisdom in everything and everything is an opportunity for growth.  Everything that happens to you is here to expand your perspective, open your heart and mind, and raise your level of consciousness. 
As Bruce Lee said, ”a wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise man."           

That’s the attitude and mindset you need to have.

Everything has the potential to WAKE YOU UP to an even deeper reality. It is your job to be on the lookout for how you can learn and grow from each of your experiences, no matter how dreadful, hard, or annoying they are.

5. Everything happens for a reason.   

There is a Divine order to life. Everything happens according to a Higher plan; a Higher truth.  There are certain things you have to experience before you can get to the next phase in your life.  You have a unique journey to take.  And everything happens in Divine timing that aligns with your Higher purpose.  You have to trust that.  You have to trust in the process.  You have to let go of the resistance, the fight, the complaining, the “why me” mindset and SURRENDER.  You have to let go and flow with life. Trust that you’re right where you need to be and you’re going through exactly what you need to go through. Everything is happening in Divine order.  

Life is good.  Or life is bad.  It’s up to you to decide which lens you want to see the world through.  But whichever lens you choose will determine the amount of positivity or negativity you experience on a daily basis. 
My recommendation is to see life through a positive lens. 

See that you are not a victim and nothing is out to get you.  You can choose how you interpret life situations.  You can choose to interpret them as bad, annoying, and dreadful, or put a positive spin on it and see what it’s here to teach you.  Maybe it’s patience.  Maybe it’s surrender.  Maybe it’s confidence and courage.  Maybe it’s to take action.  Or maybe it’s simply just acceptance….acceptance of the moment as it is. 

  • Everything happens for a reason

  • There is always something you can learn from your experiences

  • You are not a victim

  • You are not cursed

  • Life doesn't happen against you but FOR your own growth and transformation  

If you make these simple shifts in perspective, your life will change in unimaginable ways.  

I wish you much success on your journey!

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