How to find peace during times of worry and uncertainty to make life FLOW

By Follow Your Own Rhythm


When feeling nervous about an upcoming unknown, like a worry about a future event or situation that you can’t really control, instead of freaking out, stressing and making the situation worse, here is what you can do.

This blog post is inspired by my most recent travel experience as I was dealing with some uncertainties and stress while traveling. I discovered a way to find peace during times of worry and I found a way to make life flow.  


Traveling, especially via airplane, always brings with it some level of stress and uncertainty as you wonder if you’re going to make it to your flight on time, get through security, find your gate, have a smooth flight, be able to use the bathroom when you need to, etc.  I was traveling alone with no one to rely on but myself, which created an extra level of pressure and stress, but a great opportunity to dig deep and get spiritual.

Here is what happened.

I was driving to the airport and had to park my car at the shuttle parking lot about 10 minutes away, and I wasn’t sure where the exit was for the parking.  I started worrying if I had missed it as I was already starting to see signs for the terminals, and I knew that I couldn’t afford to miss my exit because then I would be late for my flight.  I started to get even more nervous as I thought about the what if’s and the worst case scenarios.  I started freaking out, quickly Googling the parking lot, and driving frantically. 

But then, I made a decision.   I decided to shift my thinking.  I became aware that I was panicking and I said to myself “I need to change this up right now because this energy is not working. It’s not going to help me.”  And so I had to get spiritual.  I connected to my truth.  And I said “I trust that I will find and see my exit, and that I will get to the parking lot smoothly. I trust that everything will work out.” And almost immediately, I felt this deep sense of calm take over me. And shortly thereafter, I found my exit and everything was fine. 

When I said "I trust the process," I was really asking God, the universe, a higher force of energy to help me with this problem because I knew I had no control of the outcome.

This happened a few more times on the flight. 

Sometimes I get nervous about the silliest, most trivial matters, especially when I am under pressure and out of my comfort zone.  Reconnecting with my truth always helps get me out of the hole. 

I was sitting on the flight and I saw the flight attendants collecting garbage so I got ready to throw out mine.  But then the flight attendant just zoomed by me with the garbage bag so I couldn’t give it to her.  There I sat with a whole bunch of garbage in my hands and nowhere to put it.  And then I did it again.  I remembered to trust in the process.  I said to myself “I trust that an opportunity will come along and I will be able to discard my trash no problem.”  Again, this stopped the worrying and I felt at peace.  Then sure enough, a few minutes later, a different attendant came by and grabbed it.


This happened again when the attendants made an announcement that once we’re up in the air we can spread out throughout the plane because there are lots of open seats since this is a semi full flight. 

“Great…” I thought to myself.  “Another thing to anticipate and worry about.  I’m stuck between two people and would love to move to a more comfortable spot, but where, and when, and what if I get up and there is nothing open?” 

Again, the worries and negative thoughts came creeping in.  And then almost immediately, I caught myself.  And this time I said “look at what has been happening this whole time.  I worried, then let go of the worry, trusted in the process, and everything turned out ok.”  So this time, I trusted in the process so much that I even let go of the need to move spots.  I accepted the idea that I might have to sit here between two people and that I was going to be okay with it.  And then I also said, “like before, I trust that everything will go as it should and it’s going to be okay.”

And what happened? When they announced that we can move, the seat diagonally across from me with a row full of 3 people, all got up and moved to different spots on the plane.  All of a sudden, right in front of me, was this whole open row, just waiting for me to move there. It’s as if it was created just for me.

It wasn’t even having my own row that gave me this great feeling of satisfaction, it was the connection I felt with God or the universe (call it what you will), that was telling me “just trust in me, and I will help you.”  It was incredible.  

It's important to note that it's not enough to just say the words, you have to feel what you're saying too.  Otherwise words are just words.  You have to get into that mindset and energy field of calmness and trust while simultaneously saying it aloud or in your head "I trust the process." 


This method of TRUSTING in the process is SO powerful and life changing and can be applied to even bigger life situations that are making you stressed or worried such as having a baby, buying a house, getting married, changing careers, starting a business, or making a big move.  They key really is to have faith.  

I am not talking about faith as in being religious or believing in God, as again, that is just another idea we associate with having faith because of our conditionings, but I am talking about going beyond labels and just trusting in yourself and trusting that the One, divine force of energy exists within EVERYTHING, within you, me, the trees, the air, everything, is going to align for you and make things happen.  You can call this energy whatever you want, but the key is to not be so hung up on WHAT you call it and WHAT your beliefs are, but rather JUST to trust in it.  Sometimes labeling things closes us off from seeing the true possibilities of an experience.  

I call this method the “Trust Life Method” and the KEY word here is TRUST (not Life).  Don't get hung up on the word Life as you can replace it with whatever resonates with you more such as God, the Universe, the Divine.)

Here is a breakdown of how the method works and what to do:  

When in an uncertain situation that is making you worry, you have to pay attention to your thoughts in that moment and see if you are ruminating on what if’s and possible negative outcomes.  

Are you thinking about all of the bad that can happen?

Are you replaying stories in your head of all that can go wrong making you fearful?

I want you to pay attention to your thoughts the next time that you are stressing or worrying about something. 

For example, if you have an upcoming job interview, do not focus your attention on what if you embarrass yourself, say the wrong thing, or don’t get the job.   Also, don’t stress about small details such as “what if I get lost, what if I don’t find the building, what if I am late.”  Your thoughts need to be positive in nature. 

This might sound really obvious, but this is what we do when we stress about future events.  We think about all of the different horrifying scenarios that can happen which is what creates the anxiety and worry we feel in the first place.  It’s all about our thoughts and what we focus our energy on. 

So you need to STOP those thoughts.  It really IS that simple.  You just simply say to yourself “no, I am not going to think about all of the what if’s, unknowns, and negative scenarios.”

And then you need to shift your focus and energy from fear, worry, and panic to trust, connection, and peace. 

In other words, you have to TRUST IN THE PROCESS. 

You have to make peace with the fact that you have no idea of how things will turn out.  And because of this you need to MAKE YOURSELF not think about what if’s. 

Then, you have to trust that everything will be okay.  Because it will.

You have to trust that life and the universe will align for you and make good things happen. 

Just simply say to yourself “I trust the process.  I trust that things will work out just fine and there is no need to worry.  I trust that Life, with its mysteriously magical intelligence and wisdom, has my back.” 

You have to also trust that even if things don’t turn out exactly as you had hoped, that you will find a way to deal with it.  You have to trust yourself and your abilities.  You have to trust that solutions and answers will come to you when you need it, and that you will find the strength and courage within yourself to get through it.  You also should trust that if things don’t happen the way you had hoped or imagined, that you are still on the right path, being redirected to something even more beautiful.

Life is on your side.  When you connect to your own wisdom and truth, you connect to the Higher wisdom and truth of the universe, and that is when things align.


Here is a step by step summary: 

1.     Become aware of your negative thoughts and all of the what if’s and negative possibilities replaying in your head. 

2.     Make a conscious choice to shift your energy and get aligned.

3.     Say to yourself, “trust in the process.  It will work out.  I don’t know how, but when I don’t worry, I allow for things to flow, align, and work out for me.  Knowing this, I trust that everything will be ok.”

4.     Stop being fixated on HOW or WHEN things will happen, and just trust that when and how it happens will be just right.

5.     Watch and witness as the beauty of life starts to unfold and flow in your favor.  Feel the connection you have with the universe, and feel the connection you have to your own truth and wisdom.  Feel it, know it, trust it, and appreciate it. :)

The bottom line is, whenever you are feeling stressed or worried, and don’t have control over an outcome, you need to get spiritual and TRUST that everything will be okay and happen at its right time in the right way, even if you can’t make sense of it right now.   

You HAVE to let go of worry and negative thoughts, and connect to your truth.   You need to let go of the parts of the problem that you have no control over and give it to the Universe to solve it FOR you.  You need to work in collaboration WITH LIFE to make your life flow. 

This beautiful, amazing, loving, divine energy is out there waiting for you to trust in it so that you can have a better life, and all you have to do is say “OKAY.  I TRUST YOU.”  Once you give your problem to the Universe, it will find the best way to solve it, a way that is 100% better than anything you could have ever predicted, planned, expected, imagined, or desired.  You just have to let go and have faith.  Trust that it will be okay because it always will.  Life doesn’t give you any experience that you cannot handle.  Get in tune with this magic of life because it is waiting for you!  

Try trusting in the process the next time you are out of your comfort zone and worrying about something trivial, and see how the spiritual nature of life starts to work its magic. 

Did you try applying this method or have a similar experience that you want to share? Please share it in the comments below! :)

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