Adopt a "Why Can't I?" Attitude for a more limitless life

By Barbara @ Follow Your Own Rhythm


Have you ever pondered the possibilities of your life?  Have you ever wondered about all that you can see and do?  Have you ever imagined all of your dreams coming true?  Whether it’s to start a huge empire or hang out in a tent by the beach everyday, have you ever thought about the vastness of possibilities?  Have you ever asked yourself “why can’t I?”

I have.  I think about this all of the time.  For me, no dream is too big.  

I let my imagination take over and I don’t hold back. 

I don’t limit my goals and dreams to what is “normal.” Rather, I strive to think outside of the box.  And I think big.  I think about what it is that I would like to experience in this lifetime and go for it.

And that is because I have adopted a “why can’t I?” attitude.   

A few years ago I had sort of an epiphany and I realized my true potential.  I realized the power I have within me to create whatever I wanted.  I realized that I have a choice in everything that I do, everything that I think, and everything that I believe.  And that ultimately, it is my thoughts and beliefs that create my reality. 

So the limiting beliefs that I used to have about what we are supposed to do with our lives and how we are expected to be, started fading away as I started embracing my own free will.  

And with that came not even an attitude, but an inner belief system, that I can do anything if I just simply remember that I am the one who puts the limits on myself.  I am the one who decides who and what can bring me down, and I am the one who decides who and what can lift me up.

After all, WHY CAN’T I make my own choices, form my own beliefs, and own my inner power?

With this new attitude, no longer do I let the opinions of others, the possibility of failure, or the chance of rejection stop me from making the choices that I want to make; choices that truly feel right for me.  And from this, I feel a HUGE weight lifted off of me and I feel a lot more free. 

However, I think the biggest thing that stops us from fulfilling our dreams in life is...

a) We feel like we don’t deserve it and that we are not worthy of such a great life, or

b) We don’t believe we are good enough to achieve it (we aren’t smart enough, young enough, courageous enough, confident enough or we don’t have enough money, time or resources), or

c) We are scared.  We are scared of what others will think of us, we are scared we will be misperceived, we are scared to try something new, we are scared of the unknown, we are scared to fail, we are scared to succeed, we are scared of judgment and rejection, we are scared to get out of our routines and comfort zones, we are scared to stand out, etc. 

But honestly, in the end, it’s all about your attitude towards the matter. 

These limitations that are holding you back from being free to live and be the way you want are all ones you impose on yourself.  No one is actually telling you that you can’t do certain things.  You simply believe that you can’t because of whatever limited beliefs you have about what you think you can and cannot do.  But know, that these limitations only live inside your head and aren’t actually real.



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So why not adopt a “why can’t I” attitude and start doing what you really want to do?

Start doing what feels right in your heart and live aligned with your own flow!

Tip: When you feel like doing something but feel hesitant to do it, always ask yourself “why can’t I?”  If your reasons are based on irrationalities, then it’s not a good enough reason to not do something. 

The “why can’t I” attitude follows like this…

Why can’t I lay in bed all morning and read my favorite book?

Why can’t I put off cleaning the house and go for a bike ride instead?

Why can’t I switch things up and change my routine?

Why can’t I spend more time with myself?

Why can’t I be playful and childlike and climb a tree or swing on a swing when I feel like it?

Why can’t I have big dreams and strive to achieve them?

Why can’t I travel and explore the world?

Why can’t I be different from others?

Why can’t I make decisions that feel right to me but seem wrong to others?

Why can’t I change my paradigm of thinking?

Why can’t I start my own business?

Why can’t I quit my boring, unfulfilling job?

Why can’t I stand up for what’s right?

Why can’t I be financially free?

Why can’t I overcome my inner struggles and live life with more ease?

Why can’t I change my belief system to align more with what feels true to me?

Why can’t I slow down and enjoy the moment?

Why can’t I move away from my comfort zone and be more adventurous?  

Why can’t I create a life for myself that I truly enjoy living??? What is stopping me?  

Why can’t I start right NOW?

Isn’t it motivating and uplifting to approach your life with this attitude?  The possibilities are limitless because nothing and no one is stopping you from actually doing any of these things!

For whatever you do have a real, legitimate reason of why you can’t do something, acknowledge and respect that.

But for whatever you can’t do because of a trivial, unrealistic, irrational, and fear-based reason, it is time to let go of that way of thinking and start thinking big!  Be free with your imagination and don’t let anything get in the way of doing what you truly want to do. Why can’t you? :)

And when you’re feeling discouraged, just remember this quote: 

“Your imagination has no limits at all other than those you impose on it the moment it seems to go beyond what is ‘normal.’”   -Christine DeLorey

“Your imagination has no limits at all other than those you impose on it the moment it seems to go beyond what is ‘normal.’”  -Christine DeLorey

In my personal experience, the “why can’t I” attitude has empowered me, given me a sense of strength, confidence, and hope, and has greatly improved the quality of my life and well being.  

Don’t wait for people to tell you that something is right or wait for social permission to start doing something that you really want to do.  Just go with your heart and trust that you are making the right choices. 

After all, the last thing you want is to have lived your whole life wishing you had the courage to live it more freely, fully, and authentically.  

Just follow your heart because it is the most accurate GPS you have.

Enjoy the journey!

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