5 Benefits of Self-Discovery and Personal Growth

By Barbara @ Follow Your Own Rhythm

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Personal growth and self-discovery has been a big part of my life.  It's something that I've been "into" for as long as I can remember. 

I have always sought out activities and opportunities that taught me about myself, and I‘ve always viewed any life experience as an opportunity to grow as a person, expand my perspective, and learn something new.

In essence, this is what personal growth is all about.  It's to view life as your teacher, and to use every life experience to help you move past limits so you can expand your potential. 

Today, as a way to motivate you to get serious about your own personal growth, I wanted to share its 5 benefits with you.

5 Benefits of Personal Growth and Self-Discovery

1. It helps you heal.  

Being on a personal growth path requires that you deal with the issues you have within that hold you back from becoming your true potential. It encourages you to become aware of your fears, emotional pains, childhood issues, limiting beliefs, and unhealthy patterns so that you can process them, let them go, and find true peace within.  Personal growth is the path to healing.  

2. It helps you to never feel alone.

When you're constantly learning about yourself, you CONNECT with who you truly are.  This connection allows you to feel comfortable with yourself, and you naturally start to enjoy your own company and never truly feel alone.

3.  It gives your life meaning. 

Once you embark on a path of personal growth and decide that everything in life is here to teach you something and is an invitation for you to learn and grow as a person, then everything that happens to you HAS MEANING.  All of a sudden, the things you experience aren't just random events happening to annoy you or make your life hard, but are rather here to teach you something.  Maybe it's patience, maybe it's presence, maybe it's letting go, maybe it's forgiveness, or maybe it's self-love, but the point is, there is a purpose to everything. 

4. It helps you become confident in who you are. 

Self-confidence comes firstly from knowing who you are which comes from constantly engaging in self-discovery.  Your personal growth journey teaches you that your uniqueness is exactly what makes you special, dynamic, and "perfect."  Therefore, you naturally start to love yourself and you become more and more secure and confident in who you are. 

5. It helps you create your own reality.  

Personal growth and self-discovery will help you connect to who you are at your core.  When you're connected to your true self, you realize that YOU create your own reality and that you're not a victim of your circumstances.  This helps you live an empowered life where you're able to shift your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and overall energy to align with what you desire.

These are obviously just a few of the MANY benefits of being on a personal growth path.  

To reap the benefits of this wonderful journey, you can start exploring who you are in my newly updated self-discovery workbook!

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