30 Thought-Provoking Questions to Become More Self-Aware

By Follow Your Own Rhythm


The best way to improve ourselves and to better our lives is through awareness.  Awareness allows you to identify parts about yourself and your life that you don’t like or that aren't healthy, so that you can make the changes necessary to be happier and healthier.

These 30 questions will be questions about how you respond to certain life situations.  The reason they will raise your awareness is because you probably aren't used to focusing on these parts about yourself. 

This is also an excellent exercise for identifying patterns that you have that aren’t necessarily positive, healthy, or constructive.  This exercise will prompt you to ponder and reflect upon how you deal with life so that you can better yourself and create a more meaningful life.

30 Questions to Help You Become More Self-Aware and Thus Make Positive Life Changes

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Note: for all of the questions asking “how do I respond to or how do I deal with,” what I want you to focus on is what sort of reaction do you have, how do you behave, what do you do, how does it make you feel, what sort of thoughts come up, what sort of emotions surface or get triggered, and do you tend to shy away from it, welcome it, accept it, complain about it, etc.?

Also, this isn’t about how you WISH you could respond, or how you SHOULD respond, this is about how you ACTUALLY respond to these life situations. Be honest and truthful; it's for your own growth!


1.     How do I respond when I don’t get what I want?

2.     How do I deal with negative people?

3.     How much self-control do I have with things that I know are bad for me, but tend to indulge in?

4.     How do I deal with inconvenient life situations? 

5.     How do I respond to situations that I have no control over?

6.     How do I deal with negativity in my environment?

7.     How do I deal with challenges in my life?

8.     How do I respond when plans change or plans get cancelled without my say so?

9.     How do I deal with change? New job, new house, new lifestyle, new people, new rules, new technology…do I tend to avoid it, welcome it, fear it, like it, complain about it, stress out about it, worry about it?

10.  How do I deal with stressful situations? Do I tend to worry a lot? What else do I do?

11.  How do I respond to situations that force me to get out of my comfort zone?

12.  How do I deal with rejection?

13.  How do I deal with being misperceived or misunderstood?

14.  How motivated am I to change my life for the better?

15.  How much do I follow through on what I preach and talk about?

16.  How do I deal with emotional pain?

17.  How do I respond when someone judges me, makes fun of me, or calls me names?

18.   How do I respond when I make a mistake or when I fail at something?

19.  How do I deal with other people’s mistakes and unpleasant behavior?

20.  How do I deal with uncertainty, the unknown or a future event that I have no control over?

21.  How do I deal with people who have hurt me in the past?

22.  How do I respond to obstacles, hardships, and “bad” things that happen in my life?

23.  How do I spend my free time?

24.  How do I respond to new ideas and new ways of thinking?

25.  How do I respond to someone who is different from me or whose ideals and beliefs I don’t agree with or understand?

26.  How do I respond to bad or inconvenient news?

27.  How do I deal with the violence, hate, and suffering in the world?

28.  How do I recharge, rejuvenate, and replenish my energy?

29.  How much do I prioritize spending time and energy on myself and on my passions?

30.  How fulfilling is my everyday life?


I hope these questions sparked your curiosity and prompted self-discovery!

What I would do from now on is to continue to practice self-awareness and start to pay attention to yourself and how you respond in these situations when they come up, make a note of it, and then reflect on how you could improve or respond more positively and consciously next time.  And then just keep practicing and perfecting, and then eventually you will have trained yourself to be more mindful and constructive.

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