A poem to inspire you to follow your own truth everyday

By Follow Your Own Rhythm


Follow your own rhythm is obviously the name of my website and I chose that name for a reason.  I want it to inspire and remind you to follow whatever it is that you want or feel is right for you, and to not let society or other people tell you otherwise. 

It is so important to follow our own truth if we want to be happy and fulfilled, especially in a society that has such high and unrealistic expectations of us.

Following our own rhythm is parallel to following our hearts, living our truth, and being as authentic as we can be.

The back story

Before my website, FollowYourOwnRhythm.com, was even ready, and right after I came up with the name, I remember sitting at my desk thinking about what that means.  What does it mean to follow your own rhythm?

So I started to put my thoughts onto paper, and then somehow it transformed into a poem (probably because I love writing poems).  Writing this poem felt seamless as if the words and rhymes just flowed right out of me.  I knew at that point that this was the perfect name for my website.  

I love this poem because it sends the message that we need to express who we truly are, stop trying to conform to society's standards, embrace our power to think for ourselves, and to find happiness within.  That, in a nutshell, is what following your own rhythm means. 

So today, I wanted to share that poem with you so that you can get inspired and motivated and be reminded of how to follow your own rhythm everyday.

Follow Your Own Rhythm

Poem by Barbara Prasilik

Remember everyday to follow your own rhythm,

Be honest with yourself about that which you keep hidden.
Express your innate beauty in the way it feels most natural,
For it is your true beauty that is truly admirable.
Live a life that aligns with your true beliefs,
Not one that pleases the elites.
Don’t conform just to conform,
Do things because you choose to; from that you will transform.
Choice is a gift that we were all given,  
Embrace that gift and you can live your vision.
Find the worth that already exists within you, 
For no external gain will ever give that to you.
You have deep within a special flow,
Follow that flow and you will glow.
Find your true nature by listening to your heart,
Live a life true to yourself and become living art.

I hope this poem inspired you and made you feel good.

I know it makes me feel good every time I read it!

Basically the main points of the poem are to

  • Always be honest with yourself, even about things that are hard to admit or hard to face.  
  • Express yourself in the most genuine and authentic way possible
  • Stay true to your own values even if they are different from the values of others or society
  • Exercise your power of choice and do things because you made a conscious choice to do so and not because this is what everyone else is doing
  • Find your inner worth and happiness and don't look for external things to make you feel whole
  • Find your flow, which is your inner self full of creativity, presence, joy, passion, and contentment
  • Listen to your heart, your intuition, your inner wisdom, your inner guidance because THAT will lead you to happiness
  • Live a life true to yourself so that you can become a living example of how to be yourself in a world that favors normalcy and fitting in

The way you follow your own truth everyday is by remembering that authenticity is more important than popularity.   Whenever you have to choose between being yourself, expressing how you feel, and speaking your mind, versus doing what is "normal," expected of you or will give you acceptance into a group, always go with the empowering option to stay true to yourself, despite the rejection and loneliness you will feel. 

The irony is that the less you care about being rejected for being yourself, the less rejected you will be for being yourself. People pick up on confidence, happiness and authenticity, and it is a very attractive and likable quality. 


If you would like to be inspired by this poem EVERYDAY and be reminded to live a life true to yourself, then I made this poem into a downloadable file that you can print and hang up right away!

Poem poster-pink and brown.png

How to use the poster

1. Hang or place the poster somewhere where you will see it everyday

2. Every morning when you wake up, read it out loud to yourself and feel the essence and message of the poem as you're reading it so that it inspires and empowers you and you can start the day off right

3. After you read the poem, set the intention for the rest of the day that you will be the truest, most authentic, and best version of yourself

4. Approach the rest of the day from this inspired, uplifted, and positive mindset, and do it all over again tomorrow :) 

Some places you can put it: 

  • On the fridge
  • On your bathroom mirror
  • On your "vision board" or dry erase board in your office
  • On your desk
  • Next to your bed
  • Inside your planner
  • In your phone

I don't know if it's just me, but every time I read this poem, it brings me back home, centers me, reminds me of who I truly am, and motivates me to follow my heart. I hope it does the same for you! 

As always, thanks for reading, and I hope this poem inspired you to always follow your own rhythm. :) 

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