"UNLOCK YOUR INNER REBEL - A Guide to Limitless Living" 

I am so excited to share this workbook with you because I KNOW it will help you finally start being who you have always wanted to be and start doing what you have always wanted to do. 

We all have dreams, big or small, ordinary or extraordinary.  But only a few of us actually materialize our inner most desires.  WHY?

Because we live in a society that reinforces our feelings of unworthiness, pressuring us to live by its own rules or else come the consequences of rejection, disapproval, judgment, and exclusion.  We also let our fears and doubts hold us back and we get too comfortable living as victims. 

But what if you didn't have to live by society's rules anymore? What if you didn't have to feed in to this victimhood?  What if you didn't have to believe everything that you were told?  What if you could do anything you wanted to despite what others expected of you?  What if you could feel so free that you feel as though you can accomplish ANYTHING in the world? 

Well let me tell you, it's ALL possible.  I am not saying that I have the magic formula to transform you into a limitless being... What I AM saying though is that YOU already have that magic inside of you, you just have to unlock it.

And that is where unlocking your inner rebel comes in.  Your inner rebel is the rebel inside of you that will help you be the person you want to be, and not the one that you SHOULD be.  

This idea of who you SHOULD be and what you SHOULD do, is all based on your limiting beliefs.  So we will squash those too (or at least help you become aware of them so that they don't control you).

This workbook will guide you through a step-by-step process of identifying your limitations, moving beyond them, unlocking your rebellious spirit, discovering how you truly want to live your life and who you truly want to be, and then taking the steps to actually get there.   

 Why am I so passionate about this?

You see, for most of my life, I lived with the idea that I have to follow the rules of society in order to be accepted, liked, and deemed "worthy."  It wasn't until my later twenties that thankfully I had a breakthrough and realized that "OH MY GOD, I am free."  I realized that all of these beliefs that I had and ideals I lived by were an illusion and that they were all in my head.  This shifted my whole paradigm, and I was able to separate my limiting beliefs from my true beliefs and started to embrace a limitless way of thinking.  In a big part, that is what led to the creation of my website, as well as this workbook. I want to pass on what I learned so that you can feel this beautiful freedom too.  


Sneak peek at what you will get!


  • You are not satisfied with your life and want to change it for the better.  And I mean you have to actually WANT IT.  It is your willingness, openness, and desire that will make all of this happen.
  • You feel "stuck in a rut" and want to get unstuck
  • You have dreams but are too scared or don't know how to follow through and need some guidance and direction 
  • You want to feel free to live life your way, by your terms, without feeling guilty 
  • You want to feel as though there are no limits to what you can do, create and become
  • You enjoy learning about yourself and are self-aware
  • You are committed to your growth, and are ready to do the inner work it takes to live a limitless life


  • Discover what a limitation is, where they come from and why they keep you stuck
  • Learn how to identify when you have a limiting belief
  • Identify what YOUR biggest limiting beliefs are that hold you back
  • Breakthrough your limitations and free yourself from their control
  • Reframe your mindset to have your limitations work FOR you
  • Find out what "inner rebel" actually means and why embracing it is essential to living a limitless a life 
  • Unlock your rebellious spirit and start embracing it
  • Learn what it means to live a limitless life (and what it doesn't)
  • Get in touch with what you truly want and identify your dreams
  • Learn the 2 most important things that you need to do to accomplish your goals
  • Create the actual steps that you will take through filling out an action plan worksheet
  • Learn essential tips for taking action
  • Start living a limitless life


As a former teacher, I understand and appreciate the value of a good workbook. There is nothing like teaching a topic, and then having the students immediately apply what they have learned through some sort of practical exercise.  Especially for this application of figuring out your limits and moving beyond them, a workbook format works powerfully as it allows you to ask yourself questions that you wouldn't normally ask yourself which in itself can spark new perspectives and discoveries.

This workbook allows you to go at your own pace, answer questions so you can self-reflect, work out some kinks through introspection and writing exercises, and help you identify what you want and how will get there.  Remember, the process of freeing yourself from your limitations requires that at some point, you face your "dark side," see it for what it is, and then choose to not let it control you anymore.  But you have to bring it to the surface to truly let it go. And this workbook will give you the opportunity to do that. 


  • Don't let the pretty colors and designs of the workbook fool you.  Beyond the appealing aesthetics lies insightful and thought-provoking content.  
  • I would say that this workbook is like an e-book with worksheets in between to help you process/work-out the "issue" or topic at hand. 
  • This workbook will prompt you to answer questions, fill in the blanks, do various exercises, and think about your innermost feelings, fears and desires.  
  • It is here to help you truly let go of your limitations so you can uncover your rebellious spirit and live without limits.
  • This workbook is a pretty extensive guide, and not a quick fix solution.  But if you love learning about yourself and growing as a person, then the exercises in this workbook can very well take you to where you truly want to be.
  • It's 33 pages long...yes it's long but I want you to truly benefit from this. There is value in every single page, and creating exercises and content to help you find yourself and free your mind is hard to limit to just a few questions and exercises. 
  • It is a PRINTABLE PDF DOWNLOAD that you have unlimited and lifetime access to.  Just save it onto your computer upon downloading it and feel free to print it out and fill it out as many times as you would like.  (Just make sure it's for your own personal use only). Check out our terms of service for more details. 
  • It is priced at an affordable $10 so that everyone who wants to make positive changes in their life can have the opportunity to do so.  I could have made this into a digital course and charged well over $100, but I want as many people as possible to benefit.  READY TO GET STARTED?


SECTION 1: Moving Beyond Your Limitations

  • What is a limitation?
  • Identifying your limitations 
  • Breaking through your limitations
  • Transforming your limitations 

SECTION 2: Finding Your Inner Rebel

  • What is your inner rebel? 
  • Unlocking your rebellious spirit

SECTION 3: Discovering Your Dreams

  • How I define "dreams"
  • What is limitless living
  • Get in touch with what you really want

SECTION 4: Creating the Path to a Limitless Life

  • Freedom
  • "My path to a limitless life" action plan

Invest in your growth!

Think about what you would normally spend $10 on that you may not even necessarily need.  For the same amount of money, you can uncover parts about yourself that you never knew existed.  You can very well change your life for the better. 

Allow this workbook to give you the courage that you need to get you to where you want to be.  You have this one life to live, why not live it limitlessly? 

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YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE! If you are not 100% satisfied with this product, no need to worry, we will give you your money back! Check out our refund policy for specific details. However, I believe that if you follow the steps, do the exercises, and truly apply what you've learned to your life, then not only will you be completely satisfied, but also well on your way to a limitless life. 

Please keep in mind that this workbook is a PDF downloadable digital workbook, not a physical workbook, although you will be printing a physical copy of it.  This workbook is for personal use only, and may not be sold, copied or distributed in any way.  It is not meant to be taken as professional advice, and is for informational purposes only. Please see our terms of service for more details. 

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