How to Reconnect to Your True Self

By Barbara @ Follow Your Own Rhythm


Being connected to ourselves ensures a life of truth, peace, fulfillment, purpose, freedom, ease, and joy.

However, in today's society, it's so EASY to live a life of disconnection.

For one, we live in a flawed society that has programmed us to believe that we are separate from everything and everyone. 

Growing up, we aren't taught about the spiritual nature of life and the interconnectedness of everything.  We aren't taught about our true essence and the peace and stillness that exists within all of us. 

These truths are simply unknown to us unless we go on a quest to find it for ourselves. 

So as you can see, this can lead to a lot of disconnection.

Because these truths about ourselves aren't common knowledge, we have created a society that reinforces our feelings of separation; reflecting our own flawed belief system. 

Therefore, we live busy, fast-paced lives, always doing something, achieving and accomplishing, overworking, stressing, worrying, and living in our heads, and very seldom slowing down, being present, and reconnecting with our authentic selves. 

Heck, most of us don't even know who our authentic selves are as we've been living under the illusion that our false, disconnected selves ARE our true selves.  

It's really screwed up. 

So my mission is to remind you of your true nature and to reconnect you to this essential truth so that you can free yourself from the stresses of this world.

Once we conclude that the basic nature of humanity is compassionate rather than aggressive, our relationship to the world around us changes immediately. Seeing others as basically compassionate instead of hostile and.jpg

It sucks to live a life of disconnection, and if you feel lost, confused, stressed, and overwhelmed right now, I'm sure you can attest to that. 

When we become disconnected from ourselves, we also become disconnected from our purpose, our passions, our dreams, our desires, our true feelings, the present moment, the joy and beauty in everyday life, and our loved ones. 

We walk around on auto-pilot, blindly carrying out our routines and habits, letting our programming and conditioned ways lead the way, all the while ignoring our soul's calling. 

When we lose touch with our true, authentic selves, we start to identify strongly with our false selves, believing it's who we truly are, and we become even more disconnected, stressed, anxious, lost, confused, paranoid, angry, lonely, disengaged, and dissatisfied. 

If you've been feeling any of these things lately (or for the better part of your life) and have forgotten who you are or never truly knew who you are, then you need a RESET.

You need to get back in touch with your true self; the self underneath the mental noise and constant activity, and RECONNECT.

In my free email course "Reconnect With Yourself," this is exactly what I will help you with. 

It's a free program that will guide you to reconnect with yourself in 4 short days through simple yet powerful practices to help you feel more alive, rejuvenated, centered, and whole, and empowered to continue down this path.

This email course is something you should take seriously, and you should be prepared to take some time to yourself over the next 4 days to allow yourself the space for reconnection.

I will guide you through the process with powerful lessons, tips, and specific exercises via daily emails, and all you have to do is implement the practices and apply the lessons to your own life.

Are you ready to connect to your true self?

Once you've tried out the exercises, I want to hear how good you felt afterward! Either leave a comment here or reply by email!

I wish you a beautiful journey ahead!



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