23 Signs That You're Living a Life True to Yourself

By Barbara @ Follow Your Own Rhythm

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Living an authentic life is different for everyone.  However, there are some general shifts that happen when you start to align yourself with your own truth, or at least here are some that I have experienced...


1.  You stand up for yourself and for what is right

You aren’t afraid to speak up and speak the truth, even if it means going against what is popular or what is expected of you. 

2.  You don’t like small talk and go for deeper, more meaningful conversations

It is important for you to connect with people at a deeper level, so you prefer conversations that aren’t superficial and mindless.

3.  You are not afraid to fail or make mistakes

You try new things, you take chances, you take risks and you accept that making mistakes and failing is all part of the journey.

4.  You rely heavily on your intuition and gut instinct to make decisions

You know that when you listen to your heart, you are aligning your actions with the highest truth.  You trust your intuition as your most accurate GPS because you know it will take you in the exact direction that you need to go.

5.  Even though you can’t always be honest with others, you are always honest with yourself (even if it's painful)

You are very aware of when you are fooling yourself or others, and when you are being real. You don’t see the point in self-deception or denial as that would go against everything that you believe in.  You admit when you are wrong, and take responsibility for your actions.

6.  You know you have fears and limitations but you don’t let that hold you back

When you feel an urge in your heart to do something, but you know it will trigger your fears and insecurities, you do it anyway.  You don’t let fear rule your life.

7.  You have a hard time relating to most people

When you start to live true to your own heart’s desires, you start to think differently.  You become aligned with your truest values and you start to see life from a different perspective.  This ironically makes it harder to relate to people as most people operate out of their set conditionings rather than from a place of authenticity.  

8.  You experience lots of synchronocities and miraculous moments

Things happen in your life that you can’t explain or wrap your head around, but you know that it was out-of-this-world. You start to notice signs all around you reassuring you that you are on the right path, and your prayers start to get answered.  Life starts to change in miraculous ways.

9.  You deal with your problems head on

You are not one to brush your problems under the carpet because you know that they will just get bigger.  If there is a problem, you take the necessary steps to solve it right away, be it a personal issue, a conflict with someone else, or a general difficulty.

10.  You learn from all of your life experiences

You understand that life is here to teach you not hurt you so you take every opportunity and life experience as a chance to learn something new and grow as a person.

11.  You love being in nature

There is just something about nature that makes you feel calm and at peace.  Maybe it’s the beauty, the stillness, the quietness, the slowness, the life, or just being away from it all, but there is definitely something there that grounds you and helps you connect with something deeper.

12.  You don’t worry about things that you have no control over

You don't dwell on the past, you learn from it instead.  You also don't worry about the future or about things that you can't change or control. You have an underlying feeling of acceptance and trust that everything is going to be okay and work out just fine.  

13.  You express your feelings freely

If you feel like crying, you cry...if you find something funny, you laugh...if you need to talk about something, you talk about it.  You don’t let your feelings fester inside of you, and you definitely don’t suppress them.  You feel them and express them fully.

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14.  You see no use in complaining, talking behind people’s backs, gossiping or judging others

These things are all matters of the ego and serve no purpose for you.  In your heart, you know and feel that these are inauthentic behaviors and therefore you try not to engage as much as possible.

15.  You forgive your past and the people who have hurt you

You understand that forgiveness is necessary in freeing yourself so you don’t hold any grudges and let go of the pain that people and situations may have caused you.

16.  You don’t let the external pressures of society alter your decisions and actions

You are a free thinker! Even if no one else commented on that one blog post you just LOVE, or no one else is doing what you really want to do, or someone gives you negative feedback about something you believe in, YOU DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU because you think for yourself and make authentic decisions! 

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17.  You follow your dreams and pursue your passions

You have a passion and you go for it because your passion makes you feel alive.  You don’t see any other way of living than with purpose and meaning.   

18.  You are constantly searching for the truth-you won’t settle for anything but the truth

You are all about the truth.  You hate lying and you hate being lied to.  You’d rather know the truth and deal with it, even if it’s painful, than to live a life based on a lie.

19.  You are open-minded

You live with an open-heart which leads to an open-mind.  You are open to life and to new experiences, people, and ideas, and you love learning new things.

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20.     You get affected by negativity easily

Negative people, negative conversations, and negative environments are toxic and drain your positive energy so you make conscious choices to not be around it.

21.  You believe in yourself and in your abilities

Even if you have some self-doubt, ultimately you believe in yourself and you trust that you can do whatever you put your mind to.  You know that you are capable and that you deserve to be happy.  You see no use in judging or being hard on yourself.

22.  You don’t look for happiness and fulfillment outside of yourself

You know that ultimately, only you can make yourself happy.  You don't do things for approval or praise and you try not to rely on external things for your happiness, you look for the joy that already exists within you.

23.  You enjoy your own company

You love hanging out with yourself and you don't necessarily need to be with other people to have a good time.  You enjoy your alone time because you love, appreciate, and value yourself.  You are your own best friend.

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