Redefine Your Definition of Success. What Does Success Mean to You?

By Follow Your Own Rhythm


Redefine your definition of success.   

Take a moment and think about what your definition of success is.  What does it mean to be successful?

In this day and age, we are made to believe that success is based on external factors such as how well we do in school, how well we perform at our job, how prestigious of a career we have, how wealthy or famous we are, how big and how nice our house is, how many things we own, how many talents we have, and overall, how picture perfect our life is.

While yes, some of these things are important, if you fall into this trap of defining success based solely on these external factors, then you will always feel the never-ending pressure to achieve “perfection” in all of these areas. 

How about instead, you REDEFINE what it means to be successful based on what YOU truly feel is success.  Is success really about achieving and accomplishing? Or is about how healthy and happy your state of mind is?  Is it about how able you are to find moments of peace in your busy life, how able you are to tolerate other people’s differences, how able you are to connect with yourself on a deeper level, and how able you are to live in the moment?

After all, what is the point of checking all of the boxes of “success” if you are not happy, fulfilled, and at peace.  To me, it doesn’t matter how seemingly successful I am if I don’t FEEL GOOD about what I am doing.  I can have the most respectable job with all of the money in the world but if I am unhappy, in my eyes, I am far from successful. 

My advice: DISREGARD how other people define success and focus on what you feel is successful.  Focus on what feels good to you.  You don’t have to have the perfect job, a college degree, and 20 talents in order for you to feel and be successful in life.  Just focus on finding joy in whatever you do, and you are well on your way to being successful! 

HOW DO YOU DEFINE SUCCESS? Tell me in the comments below!