What is Your Metaphorical Cage? + free guide on breaking free

By Follow Your Own Rhythm


What is your cage? Your prison? That thing that is weighing you down, making your life heavy, making you feel smothered, imprisoned and encaged?

What physical limitation do you have in your life that is making you feel unhappy, tired, disconnected, and unfulfilled?

Is it your job, your money situation, where you live, who you live with, your responsibilities, your busy schedule, the weekly appointments, your environment, your life situation, your lifestyle, your body weight, an addiction, the city you live in, the energy you are surrounded by? 

What is weighing so heavy on you that it constantly stresses you out? Gives you anxiety? Makes you want to escape? Makes you indulge in unhealthy habits just to make the reality go away?

When we are faced with a physically draining and unfulfilling situation, we have to ask ourselves two questions:  

#1: Is changing my attitude towards the situation enough to save me? In other words, even if you become the most optimistic person on earth, will this situation still eat away at you? Basically, is the situation that you are in so unbearable that the best thing you can do is to physically fix it or leave it? 

#2: What can I do to "fix" this situation so that it doesn't drain me anymore? That could mean literally fixing the situation/problem or leaving the situation/problem.

In this blog, we will be talking about question # 2.  How can you physically solve your problem? What do you need to do to break free from this metaphorical cage that you're stuck in?

So first things first.  

What is your cage?

What is holding you back?

You can’t free yourself until you become real with what it actually is.  What is causing you your pain? 

You can start with answering this question first: what is something that you want to do really badly? And then answer: what in your physical life is keeping you from getting there?

So then I want to ask…

Why do you allow this situation to eat away at you? Why do you allow this situation to drain your energy? Why do you allow this situation to persist if it is hurting you? Why do you allow your life to continue in this stressful manner?  

When are you going to make that change?

When are you going to say enough is enough?

When are you going to free yourself from your cage?

See the thing is, birds that live in an actual cage are stuck there.  They have no choice to get free.  They are in the hands of humans.  You and that bird have two things in common.  You are encaged and you want to be free.  But one difference is that YOU hold the key to your own freedom.  The bird doesn’t.  So it is up to YOU to set yourself free so you can fly free like a bird.

But here is what I think.

You want your life to change so badly but either: you don’t think it’s possible, you are too lazy, or you are too scared.  So let’s break through these limiting beliefs right now so nothing can stop you after reading this article!

Download the free guide that will walk you through the steps of breaking free from your cage!

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3 limiting beliefs keeping you from breaking free from your cage:

1.      You don’t think it’s possible.  

Is it really NOT possible? Or are you just telling yourself it's not possible?  You hold the key to your cage.  If you dig deep enough, and think hard enough about it, you will realize that it IS possible, you just don’t believe it to be true, or you are too lazy or too scared.  But it IS possible.  So the way to break through this limit, is to just simply tell yourself IT IS POSSIBLE.  Tell yourself and believe it to be true, because if you don’t, then you will never try.

2.     You are too lazy. 

You might not want to make this change because you are simply too lazy.  But can you afford to be lazy when this thing is weighing down on your whole life? When it’s draining your energy and eating away at your soul?  Laziness is not an option when the stakes are so high.  If it's between being lazy and staying enslaved or getting into action and breaking free, then the obvious choice is to take action.  Also, people often believe about themselves that they are lazy.  This is a limiting belief.  No one is lazy.  They are lazy about certain aspects of their lives if they are not motivated, excited or passionate about them.  But when they are passionate about something and have a strong enough reason for doing it, then they suddenly get motivated.  So the way to break through this limiting belief is to tell yourself why you need to break free of your cage and how it is going to improve your life, and you will instantly get motivated.  

3.     You are too scared. 

This is probably the biggest limitation of all.  Good ole fear.  Fear is good because it keeps us out of danger, but when we let fear lead the way in non-life-threatening situations, such as changing jobs or leaving an unhealthy relationship, then we let fear control our lives.  So the way to break through this limitation is to identify the worst that can happen if you make this change.  Identify the challenges, the worst case scenarios, and the things that scare the heck out of you. And then ask yourself: are these good enough reasons to keep me in my current, unhappy situation? Are they good enough reasons to keep me from finding true fulfillment?  If the answer is no, then let your purpose, which is stronger and more powerful than your fear, lead the way from now on.  Yes, you will face uncomfortable situations, but it won’t kill you, it’ll just make you wiser.

So what are you waiting for?

Get off your buns and free yourself from your cage! Only YOU can do that!

Have courage, have faith in the process, and know that when you follow your heart, life aligns and works in your favor to help you on your path.  Always. This is the beautiful design of life. Trust it. 

Would you like to share what YOUR cage is and how you plan to break free? Share it in the comments section below!

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