3 Signs Your Intuition is Trying to Tell You Something

By Barbara @ Follow Your Own Rhythm


Our intuition can be our greatest guide.  Our intuition is a feeling or energy that we feel deep inside that connects us not only to our truth, but to a Higher Truth as well.  It’s our own personal GPS.

However, often times, instead of following our intuition to make life decisions, we follow our ego and make decisions out of fear and anxiety. And this leads to a life of stress, disconnection, and discontentment.

Thankfully though, your intuition is strong and it’s constantly communicating with you trying to lead you on the right path; all you have to do is slow down and pay attention.

So if you’re wondering if there is anything your intuition is trying to tell you, here is how to know:

1.  A specific desire or dream of yours keeps resurfacing over and over again.

We have many desires and dreams; some based in ego and some just for quick gratification; however, if a desire keeps coming back over and over again even when the initial hype is over, and if you feel a strong YES and excitement when you think about this dream, it’s because your intuition is trying to tell you to go in that direction.

Egoic desire is temporary, impulsive, doesn’t fulfill you long term, and may even make you feel guilty, anxious, or heavy.  Intuitive desire is more of a heart’s calling and is permanent, persistent, feels light and exciting, and constantly resurfaces to remind you of what your soul needs.

So do YOU have a specific dream or desire that just won’t go away!?! I think it’s time to pursue it!

2.  There is a subtle inner voice constantly telling you something or telling you to DO something.

It’s something you can’t shake and it always reappears.  This voice isn’t a devil-like voice though such as “eat more cake” or “you’re stupid,” this voice is wise, loving and kind, and wants the best for you. It’s not critical, judgmental, or condescending. 

This voice is basically your inner wisdom or your inner knowing telling you what you know deep down inside you should be doing.  Despite it being loving and kind, it can be uncomfortable to hear what it has to say because often times it’s telling you to get out of your comfort zone and face your fears so that you can evolve and be your best self.  

What is YOUR inner voice telling you??

3.  Your intuition communicates with you through your feelings.

Your feelings are a great way to tap into your intuition.  When you’re around certain people, or in certain environments, or eating certain foods, or doing certain things, pay attention to how you feel. 

Whenever you feel a really warm and peaceful sensation, or you feel elated, content, and joyful, your intuition is giving you the green light! When you feel heavy, anxious, off, and like something is wrong but you can’t explain why you feel that way, your intuition is telling you it's a no-go for you.

What are your feelings trying to tell YOU?

The point is, your intuition is consistent and persistent.  It’s a feeling or energy that doesn’t go away! And it's always loving and kind!

Also, your intuition doesn’t make any sense logically or intellectually.  It's unreasonable and even crazy at times.  But this doesn't mean that it's not right!  

And lastly, even though your intuition is persistent, it’s also very subtle and gentle and it can be hard to detect if you’re not paying attention.  

So slow down, become aware of your inner world, and see what your intuition a.k.a higher self is trying to tell you!!!

Let me know your successes in the comments below!

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