5 Powerful Tips for Finding Your Passion

By Follow Your Own Rhythm


Finding your passion is a hot topic.  So hot that I wrote about it in my last post too :).  

Doing what we love takes a lot of courage, but finding what we love in the first place is where the journey begins. 

When we don't know what we want to do with our lives because we haven't "found our passion," we tend to get stuck in this limbo phase of not knowing, which in turn makes our life less than satisfying.  We might settle with a job that is draining, complain constantly about being unhappy, or just simply adopt a "life sucks," "life is hard" or "life is unfair" attitude.  

So in order for you NOT to get stuck in this limbo phase, I will go over 5 essential things that you should do if you are wanting to find answers and uncover your passion.

Everyone has a passion, and everyone has a purpose, (sometimes more than one).  You are no exception.  Don't deem your case hopeless and settle for a meaningless job because you still haven't found something you love to do.  There is something out there for you, I promise, you just have to find it!

These 5 tips that I provided for you came from my own life experience of finding my passion which in a nutshell is helping you grow and thrive as a person, and is currently being manifested in the form of this blog, but will probably have many more manifestations in the future.

It's worth noting that finding my passion didn't happen over night, and it certainly didn't happen by luck or by sitting around all day.  It took some crucial steps and life practices for me to get here.   Let's go over what they are. 

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1. Put Yourself Out There And Experience New Things

You don’t know what you like or what you’re good at until you try it.  So get into action, put yourself out there, and give things a try.  Don’t limit yourself to what you know and are comfortable with.  Get out of your comfort zone and gain some real life experience.  Start experimenting with doing things that you think you may like, to see whether or not it is for you.  And then learn through trial and error.

I did this with teaching.  I always wanted to be a teacher, so I got a degree in Education.  It wasn’t until I tried out teaching as an elementary school teacher that I realized that yes I love teaching, but not in this traditional way.  And so I started my virtual classroom aka my website where I can teach about topics that interest me and can reach a wide range of people.  But if I never tried it, I would never know.

As for you, you don’t necessarily have to get a college degree or certification in order to just try something.  You can always take a class on it or get a part time, seasonal, or entry level job in that field (if possible) to see if it’s right for you.  You can also volunteer your time in the area that you’re pondering or do an internship somewhere to get some hands-on experience.  People love free help! You can also shadow or observe someone for a few weeks in your desired profession to see what it’s like.  The possibilities are endless and if you really want it, you will find a way to get it.

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear.  Action breeds confidence and courage.” Dale Carnegie

2.  Be Open To Learning As Much As You Can About Yourself (Through Whatever Means Possible)

Never stop learning about yourself. The more you are willing to know about yourself, the easier it will be to get to the bottom of what you are passionate about.  Soul searching, self-discovery, self-reflection, personal growth are all part of the process of figuring out your passion.

Some specific ways to learn more about yourself:
  • Read personal growth and self-help articles and books
  • Read eye-opening, spiritual books that will give you insight into your true nature
  • Practice mediation or do some kind of mind calming, relaxation, or focus exercises 
  • Talk to people about their own struggles and how they overcame them
  • Talk to people about their life experiences and learn from their wisdom
  • Do self-discovery exercises
  • Keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings
  • Take career and personality tests
  • Read articles about finding your calling, purpose, passion
  • Do some numerology on your name and birthday
  • Get an astrological reading
  • Ask people close to you about you
  • Answer self-reflective questions
  • Research the internet with any questions that you have...you can gain new perspectives and insights and thus learn more about yourself
  • Take up a new hobby such as cooking, playing an instrument, painting, or gardening
  • Take some psychology classes or courses (or relatable field)
  • Have deep, insightful conversations with people
  • Hire a life or career coach, counselor, or healer

Remember though, learn what you can through these methods, but take it with a grain of salt.  Don't get too attached to the results of a personality test or astrological reading, or the feedback from a coach or friend, as ultimately only YOU know who you are and what is right for you.  Don't let anything limit you from becoming who you want to be, while also reflecting on the insights that you gain through these methods. 

3.  Literally Announce To The World (And To Other People) That You Are On A Mission To Find Yourself!

When you put this energy out there that you want answers, the universe hears you and gives you what you ask for.  You start attracting situations, experiences, resources and people to you that will help you get the answers that you need.  Just be patient with receiving these answers. 

When I was searching for answers and on a mission to "find myself" and my passion, everyone around me knew that I was on this path.  I was very open to talking about this because firstly, I am obviously very interested in this topic, but second, I knew that if I don't communicate what I need, people won't be able to help me in the form of advice, wisdom, guidance, and recommendations.  

Now I know that it's not just people who help you, but the energies as a whole literally align to help you, which sometimes come in the form of people...and other times in the form of a new job, a new opportunity, a new book, a new course, a new adventure.  So put it out there and see all that you get back!!!

4.  Live With Your Decision For A While  

Sometimes we get excited about an idea so much so that we think THIS. IS. IT.  I FOUND WHAT I WANT TO DO.  We focus mainly on the good, and fantasize about how dreamy and perfect our life would be.  But then a few weeks later when the initial excitement wears off, it starts to become more real, and we become uninterested.  Not because the path is too hard, but because it simply isn't what we really want to do.

This happened to me time and time again.  I was what my husband called "wishy washy." And he might have been right, but that's what happens when you experiment with new ideas.  You seem wishy washy.  

But don't let that stop you!  It's okay to have new ideas, to get excited about them, and to live and think as if "this is it." Actually, I highly recommend it! 

Live with your decision for at least a few weeks. Imagine yourself doing it for a living.  And don't let the negatives scare you off. And if after a few weeks you are still excited, interested and feel good about your decision, then you know you're onto something good! 

5.  Be Open And Accepting Of Whatever Answers You Do Find Along The Way

As you're searching for answers, you will gather a lot of insight about yourself and life as a whole.  Some insights may come as a surprise to you, and some may challenge your thinking.   However, you have to keep an open mind and be accepting of whatever answers, insights, and solutions you find along the way, be it about yourself or the world as we know it.  

The TRUTH is the only thing that will set you free, so don't limit yourself to just what you think you know.   A good rule of thumb for deciphering whether something is true or false, is that the truth will connect with you at a very deep level.  When you hear the truth, it will resonate with you greatly, and you will feel as though you have known it the whole time. But you have to be open in order to connect to this feeling of truth within you. Conversely, if you are closed off, then you will most likely fear the truth and avoid it at all costs (which clearly won't free you). So be open and accepting with what you find!!!

These were some of the things that I applied when I was desperately trying to find my passion and life purpose, and in fact, I still practice these principles today.

I love this topic and I love helping you learn more about yourself, so definitely look out for more articles about finding yourself, finding your passion, and living a life with purpose!


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