How to Add More Beauty to Your Life

By Follow Your Own Rhythm


Beauty soothes our senses and creates calm in our mind and spirit.  Beauty is, after all, beautiful.  Our eyes and energy attract to its pure, comforting, magnetic nature.

But what makes something beautiful?

Is beauty just limited to something being “picture-perfect”?  In order for something to be beautiful, does it have to meet certain standards and ideals? 

And who defines what beauty is? 

Do we let society, our parents, our conditionings, our external environment decide what is beautiful?  Or do we decide for ourselves what we think is beautiful and live by that perspective?

Obviously I prefer the latter option, as choosing my own perspective is essential in staying true to myself.  To me, beauty is more than just an ideal image based on our society’s standards; beauty is a concept created by our perspectives.  Redefining what makes something beautiful can bring beauty to a whole new level.

So again, beauty is not based on some definite, conclusive, specific and fixed ideal or image, it is based on a perspective of what we believe is beautiful.

So based on that premise, if beauty isn’t a certain image, if it is a perspective, then it is YOUR choice to create whatever perspective you want to create.  I would suggest creating a perspective around beauty that is realistic and makes you feel good. 

What makes something beautiful to you? Is it based on perfection, order, and faultlessness? How does your perception of beauty make you feel?  Are you judgmental about what is beautiful and what is not?  Is beauty conditional or unconditional to you?  Is something beautiful as long as it is (fill in the blank)?

How about we ditch this delusional mindset of beauty being some ideal image, and rather let’s learn to look at beauty in a WHOLE NEW WAY!


1.     Recognize the beauty in the most ordinary of things and situations

Life is made up of many, many small, ordinary moments.  Even something extraordinary is created by many ordinary moments leading up to it.  Therefore, noticing the beauty in these subtle moments that make up our life will bring a lot more beauty into our everyday experiences.  All we have to do is PAY ATTENTION. The moment we set an intention to find beauty in the most ordinary of situations, we will start looking for it, and we will find it in abundance!


You’re headed to the grocery store, a rather ordinary task, but you choose to pay attention to the beauty in all of your experiences.  Here is an exaggerated version of what you can do.

As you walk to your car, acknowledge the fresh air, the beautiful tree, the bird in the sky, the child riding his bicycle and enjoying his day, the sun shining on your face, and the fact that you have a car to get into. 

Then, as you’re driving, enjoy your solitude, recognize all of the trees and flowers along the road, appreciate the engineering behind the car you’re driving.  Notice how everyone pulls over to the side of the road as an emergency vehicle passes by so that they can help someone in need, appreciate the beauty in someone letting you merge in front of them in traffic, notice the pedestrian’s thankful smile as you let them cross the street in front of you.

As you walk into the grocery store, smile at others and notice the power behind that smile; how others smile back at you and how it creates a warm, fuzzy feeling inside of you.  Appreciate the food you have access to, and the attendant who offers you his help.  Notice how much more enjoyable your grocery shopping experience has become and how much less affected you are by the negative energy around you.        

When you operate out of this higher state of energy consisting of positive vibes, you will start to attract situations with equally higher energies and therefore, the lower, more negative vibes will not be able to enter your energy field as easily.

2.     Recognize the depth and the hidden beauty in the seemingly unbeautiful

Have you ever looked at a dying plant and considered it beautiful? Probably not.  Why? Because at first impression, it lacks physical appeal.  Emotionally, it reminds us of death, which triggers our fears and discomforts.  So we stop. We label the plant “ugly” and move on with our lives.  

Well it doesn’t stop there.  Because beauty exists at a much deeper level, you can find beauty in even the most seemingly unbeautiful things.

Look at the dying plant again and notice the beauty behind the natural process that is taking place.  The brilliance behind decomposition and the process of life, death, and rebirth.  The fact that this plant has so much depth and truth behind its seemingly flawed appearance, is what makes it beautiful. 

Can you see the beauty in your grandma’s wrinkly face? That her wrinkles represent a lifetime of experience, wisdom, and the natural process of aging?

Can you see the beauty in getting fired from your job? That it can force you to get a better job? Or put you out of your comfort zone and help you grow more as a person? Or maybe prompt you to start that business you have always wanted to start?

The point is, if we look hard enough, we can find beauty in all situations.  All we have to do is change the way we define beauty and start paying attention to the abundance of beauty that is all around us.  There is a bright side to every situation! You just have to want to find it!

When you start looking at life from this perspective, pay attention to the “coincidences,” synchronicities, and miracles that start to happen in your life and see the beauty in that powerful, loving energy that surrounds you!  Notice that those ordinary, everyday moments in life are, after all, full of beauty and depth.  These ordinary moments are actually miraculous. 

Notice how much more your life flows when you pay attention to the beauty all around you and when you embrace the beautiful feeling it creates within you.  Notice how the negativity in your life starts to diminish as it gets replaced by more loving energy. 

And then ask yourself: “Is this a coincidence? Or do I really have the power to create a different reality for myself just by paying attention to the beauty in my life?”

Embrace your FREE WILL to live by a perspective that serves you, makes you feel good, and makes your life more joyful!


Look at the picture below and write down at least 3 beautiful things that you notice in the picture. Write your answers in the comments below! 

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