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Do you remember that child who didn’t care about meeting the world’s expectations and rather just basked in its childlike innocence, freedom, and authenticity? That child who was free to be itself and viewed the world as a beautiful, magical, and loving place? That child was once you. 

What happened to that child?

I believe that most of us share a similar story and it goes something like this.  We are born happy, whole, and content, but as we grow older, we forget our true, childlike nature and start absorbing the pressures from the world to be a certain way in hopes of escaping judgment.  We then begin to loose that freedom and innocence we once felt as a child and become more and more disconnected from our true nature. 

This sense of detachment usually results in feelings of isolation, confusion, and anxiety.  From this state, our lives become stressful and dysfunctional, and we wonder what the heck is wrong with us.

I believe that the main cause for the problems in the world is our inability to be true to ourselves. 

Let me tell you another story.  My story.  I’m Barbara, and ever since I was young, I had this inner yearning to connect with a deeper side of life; however, the world I lived in did not support this way of being.

The world I lived in, our current world, is a more materialistic one, occupied with superficial matters and with measuring a person’s value by how much they have, how accomplished they are, how smart they are, how good they look, how socially adept they are, where they live, what they do for a living, etc.  According to the world, it is more important to focus on meeting these criteria, than to find our true inner worth.   

So as time went on, I became more and more conditioned to believe these superficial ways of society TO BE THE TRUTH and started forgetting my own true nature, the one that longed for inner fulfillment.

But as the beautiful design of life would have it, this deep yearning that we ALL have within us to connect to our true nature, IS ALWAYS PRESENT and NEVER GOES AWAY. 

We might forget about it, but it is there, deep within us, waiting patiently for us to find it.  No matter how disconnected we become, we can always find the way home by going within and listening to the loving voice of our heart.

So I listened to this inner voice and used it to guide me back home where I discovered a whole new way of looking at life.

And that is the purpose of my website. 

To share with you everything that I have learned so that I can help you find your rhythm.

Follow Your Own Rhythm is all about listening to your heart and living a life from a perspective that aligns with your true wants and needs. 

My main purpose behind pointing out the limitations that society places on us is to help you move past those barriers so that you can focus your full attention on finding your rhythm.  Until we are attached to being what the world expects of us and doing what we have been conditioned to do, we will not be able to fully step into our own wholeness, authenticity, and freedom.  

So following your own rhythm is about discovering your own true nature, while also discovering what is not your true nature...which is anything you do for reasons other than following your heart.  But to even get to a point of knowing what it means to follow your heart, you have to first get past the barriers of your most limiting social and psychological conditionings, and then begin to uncover what lies beneath.  So the process is just as much about letting go as it is about learning a new way.  

Through my blogs, I will share experiences, lessons, tools, personal insights, wisdom, and anything to do with growth, change, and transformation so that you can rekindle your relationship with yourself and live a more authentic life. 

And please remember that finding your rhythm, your own truth, is not a race, it is a gradual process that takes time, commitment, your full attention, and a desire to find the truth.  It is not a means to an end, as there is no end because as long as you're alive, you are constantly learning, growing and evolving.  

But do know that the more you practice following your own rhythm, the more rhythmic your life will become and the more your dance with life will be in sync. ;)


In the comments below, write down what resonates with you about this!  Do you have a similar experience to the one I described?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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