Guided Meditation for Self-Forgiveness with affirmations (video)

By Barbara @ Follow Your Own Rhythm

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Self-forgiveness, along with forgiveness as a whole, is an essential part of living in joy, peace and freedom.

Self-forgiveness allows you to release the guilt, doubt, shame, blame, and hatred you harbor within for the mistakes you have made and the pain you’ve caused others, and it sparks the process of healing, growth, and unconditional self-love and self-acceptance.

Self-forgiveness is not about excusing yourself from your wrongdoings or escaping responsibility, and it’s also not about forgetting what you did or saying that it’s okay.

With self-forgiveness comes responsibility and owning up to what you did, reflecting on those actions and their consequences, finding a solution, making amends, and learning from the past, improving as a person, and moving forward more lovingly, consciously, and compassionately.

If you are ready to begin the process of self-forgiveness, you can start by listening to this recording below.

It is a guided meditation and exercise with affirmations to help you release the blame and guilt, and forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made.

I recommend listening to this recording once a day for at least 3-4 weeks to really feel the effects and solidify these new beliefs. For some, it might take longer but you should listen to the recording until you feel at peace with what you did.

For a more thorough exercise on self-forgiveness, check out the accompanying blog post: How to Forgive Yourself - A Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Forgiveness.

I hope you enjoyed!

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