You have infinite power for making it all happen. 

But you might be too afraid to LET IT happen.  

You might have thoughts in your head that tell you that you can't, you don't deserve it, or that you will fail. 

Your life is chaotic and you want to be happier.  You're sick of feeling stressed, overwhelmed, angry, and under pressure all of the time.  You want to be more free, but something is holding you back.  


I believe that we hold back from “following our own rhythm” because of unrealistic limitations that we let control us.  We have been conditioned (from childhood and through society) to think, be and live a certain way, which in a large part limits us from being who we TRULY are. Therefore, through my blogs, emails, resources and coaching service, I aim to uncover what these limitations are, help you find your true self underneath all of your conditionings, encourage new ways of thinking, and guide you to live a happy, healthy, and authentic life.  If you are ready to begin, click here. 


If you're interested in my personal story, read on. :) To skip to my professional bio and credentials, scroll to the bottom of this page.


I'm Barbara and I currently live in sunny Colorado.  One of my dreams in life was to live somewhere warm and beautiful, close to nature, and so a few years ago, my husband and I packed up our things and made our way from the plains of Chicago to the mountains of Colorado.

This has been one of the best decisions of my life.  

My move to Colorado sort of resembles the new path that I am on, which is making the changes necessary to align myself with my truth.  It is also about thinking for myself, experiencing life and all of its beauties, and living in joy and fulfillment.  

However, I didn't always have the courage to live life this way and to actually follow through on what I knew I needed and wanted deep down inside.

I used to live with a lot of fear, anxiety, anger, confusion, disconnection and worry, and it kept me really limited.  The problem was that I actually let these negative feelings hold me back.  I let them control my life.  My anxiety made me insecure, my fear made me feel small, and my disconnection made me lonely.


I became very interested in personal growth at a rather young age.  

I can account this to two things:

  1. I was born like this...I am naturally attracted to self-reflection and self-awareness
  2. My life changed drastically when I was 10 years old and I moved away from my native country of Hungary to the very different United States, leaving EVERYTHING I knew behind.  

Let's talk about number 2 for a sec.  This change was hard on me.  Painfully uncomfortable.  I left all of my belongings, my home, my school, my extended family, my friends, my language, my lifestyle, my culture.  


That was me "fresh off the boat"

That was me "fresh off the boat"

And I had to figure out how to "survive" without speaking the language or knowing anything about the culture (as a 10 year old).

I dealt with a lot of adversity and inner confusion as I tried to resist what I felt was right in my heart in order to fit into my social environment.

I battled with this for years.  

This inner conflict eventually manifested into fear, anxiety, insecurity, and lots of unhealthy thinking patterns, which of course manifested into inauthentic behaviors and choices. 

However, it was this inner conflict and essentially this major life change that broadened my perspective on life, increased my capacity for understanding and self-awareness, and catapulted me to do the diligent inner work of personal growth, self-reflection, introspection, and deep self-discovery as I was desperate to find answers for why I felt this way.



This curiosity got even stronger as the years went on, and in 2014, something amazing happened.  As I was doing rigorous soul-searching, trying to find answers and figure out who the heck I am and what I want to do with my life, I experienced a spiritual awakening which completely shifted my whole perspective.  This shift lifted a HUGE weight off of my shoulders, freeing me from the pressures and heaviness of this demanding world, allowing me to feel the limitless being that I am at my core.  Worries I used to have suddenly didn't matter as much as I now saw it in relation to the big picture.  This allowed me to make some drastic changes in my life and do things that I would never have the courage to do before. I now had clear direction of where I needed to go and what I needed to do because I was in touch with my own truth. 

So I have absolutely no regrets for how my past has unfolded as I see that every single step, challenge, loss, pain AND victory was necessary in putting me on the path that I am on today.


I am learning, growing and evolving everyday.  Truth is my passion.  My main mission is to make this world a better place by spreading the truth and encouraging positive change at an individual level. 

I, personally, am focusing on healing, and letting go of the years of unhealthy mental patterns that I have absorbed from such an unconscious world. This process takes time, but I enjoy it because I see it in relation to the big picture.

Today, I live with a lot more openness, appreciation, trust, and acceptance and feel connected to life as a whole. While I have always indulged in personal growth, I now have the spiritual tools to truly thrive.

Today, if I have a dream, a goal, or a vision, instead of letting fear, doubt, and social influence hold me back, I just go for it because I know and trust that as long as I follow my truth, everything will turn out in the best way possible.  It was this perspective that actually helped me become vegan, which created a ripple effect of even more connection, compassion, and positivity in my life.


Today, my primary goal is to live my life as consciously and as authentically as possible.  I am full of passion for life and for learning new things, and also for teaching what I know to others.  I can't help but feel this strong urge to help transform people's lives, and the world, for the better. 

I created a guide just for that purpose.  To help free you from the pressures of this world.  It's a guide that will shed light on a new way of looking at life, one that has potential to free you from the underlying heaviness and disconnection that you feel.  It basically has in it the 7 essential things that I wish I knew when I was searching for answers and relief.  It will make you feel lighter and help you approach life with more ease and joy. 

I created this website because first and foremost, I want to inspire you to live a life that is truly of your choosing.  I want this website to serve as a reminder that YOU HAVE A CHOICE.  

I want to expose a new way of looking at life so that you can feel a deeper sense of connection, gratitude, and joy.  

I also want to share with you what I have learned on my own journey thus far, be it tips and strategies or wisdom and knowledge, because there is so much to know and unfortunately, not many people are talking about it. 

This website essentially is about empowering you to live a life true to yourself, without regrets, without limits, and without letting the world dictate how you should live your life.  

It is also about getting to the bottom of why you feel these nasty feelings such as anger, fear, anxiety, disconnection, loneliness, unworthiness, and inadequacy and helping you deal with them more effectively.  

So if you are interested in:

  • finding yourself, finding answers and living your truth
  • growing as a person and transforming your life
  • finding your path and living a meaningful life
  • living in contentment, happiness and peace
  • learning new perspectives and fresh ways of thinking (reframing your mind)
  • getting unstuck and letting go of your limitations and conditionings
  • freeing yourself from the grasp of society, negative thinking, ideals and expectations, and life's pressures
  • eating and living more consciously
  • making a difference in the world and living a more harmonious life

...then I welcome you to join over 1,500 strong-hearted truth seekers who are ready to transform their lives and be more happy, healthy, and fulfilled!


>Find yourself and grow tremendously as a person with the help of my 100 question journal "My Sacred Space for Self-Discovery"

>Break free of limitations and create a limitless life with the help of my workbook "Unlock Your Inner Rebel-A Guide to Limitless Living" 


Barbara Prasilik has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, and has studied psychology, sociology, child development, personal development, pedagogy and mathematics extensively.  Barbara worked as an elementary school teacher before she decided that she wants to create her own classroom online so she can teach what she truly believes in to a much wider (and older) audience.  She is extremely passionate about learning, growing, and seeking the truth, and sharing her discoveries with others as to provide a sense of relief from the pressures they might feel.  Barbara is a life coach completing her certification from the Robbins-Madanes Training Program, and is the founder of the website,, designed for truth seekers who want to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.  Barbara's educational background in human development, psychology and pedagogy, along with her professional background in teaching and customer service, as well as her own transformation and evolution as a person is what fuels her passion in guiding and empowering others to break free of conditioned patterns and live a life true to themselves.  If you'd like to work with Barbara, click here.  For all other inquiries, email Barbara at